'Alien: Covenant': Ominous New Clips of Crew Members Sending Video Messages Home

Alien: Covenant Cast katherine waterson danny mcbride james franco billy crudup carmen ejogo demian bichir michael fassbender
The cast of Alien: Covenant (Credit: 20th Century Fox)

Alien: Covenant‘s trailers, TV spots, and posters — advising us to “Run,” “Hide,” and “Pray” — make it crystal clear we’re to expect some terrifying Xenomorph action when the movie arrives in theaters next month. That’s good news for movie thrill-seekers, bad news for the film’s astronaut protagonists, who we can only assume are mostly going to die at the hands of slimy, acid blood-dripping extraterrestrials. Before they do, however, Ridley Scott’s film is giving us quite a bit of background on these space pioneers, including the three brand-new video “transmissions” featuring individual members of the crew below.

Alien: Covenant’s ship of human explorers are tasked with colonizing a new planet. While the world they find is going to be anything but paradise, they have high hopes at the outset of their mission — as well as some confessions to make, as Danny McBride’s pilot Tennessee reveals to his bosses that he has a horse-punching-related criminal record:


Demián Bichir’s security chief Sergeant Lope, meanwhile, promises to keep the men and women of the Covenant safe throughout their odyssey:


Tess Haubrich’s security officer Rosenthal tells her friends and family that she hopes they won’t forget her:


In videos released earlier this week via Loot Crate’s Daily Crate blog, Katherine Waterston’s Daniels expresses optimism about the work she’s undertaking, even if she too is sad that she’ll never see her loved ones again:

And Billy Crudup’s first mate Oram reads a written statement about beholding “wonders heretofore unimagined” — a proclamation that’s more than a bit ironic, given the clips interspersed throughout his speech of him (and his mates) finding something unholy out on the planet’s surface:

No doubt what’s in store for these characters is gruesome, as Alien: Covenant seeks to deliver some serious intergalactic horror to the summer multiplex starting this May 19. You can check out all of the film’s new GoPro-shot character videos above. For more behind-the-scenes Covenant news and exclusives, visit the Daily Crate blog and GoPro’s Inside Line blog.

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