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Velvet-skinned Ferrari offers Londoners a fast and fur-ious spectacle


Velvet-skinned Ferrari offers Londoners a fast and fur-ious spectacleIt's called the "Ramadan Rush" — a tradition where the über wealthy from the Middle East set sail for London as a location to beat the oppressive summer sun. Unlike most vacationers who limit themselves to a carry-on or two, many charter entire jets to transport their one-of-a-kind custom supercars. This particular Ferrari 599 caught on holiday sports a rather impractical option: It's entire body has been wrapped in black velvet, acting as a dinner suit for a $300,000 Fur-rari. Just don't take it to the dry cleaners.

The escape to London from the Gulf oil states starts in the weeks prior to, and following, the Muslim holy month of fasting. As Britain's Daily Mail notes, around the glamorous Knightsbridge shopping area and Park Lane hotels, the streets become filled with ghastly customizations of what were once stunning machines. In fact, it's the ideal location to witness "how to ruin a supercar in five easy steps."

Just a couple of weeks ago we brought you the ostentatious 'glow-in-the-dark' Lamborghini that was seized by local police for having improper documentation. And now, alongside the porcelain-embedded Bugatti Veyron and a pimped out Mercedes SLR McLaren, this furry Ferrari adds new a dimension to the term "over-the-top."

Furring up your car, however, isn't as expensive as you might think. In fact, this velvet wrap was rumored to cost around $7,500 — about what Porsche charges per floor mat. (The company that sells the wrap offers 15 different shades of hirsute style). While this 599 isn't pretty, it certainly turns heads. I'm just glad I'm not the chap responsible for cleaning it. Apparently that requires a bottle of shampoo, a soft brush and whole lot of humility.

Photo: Alex Penfold /