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See Miley Cyrus wreck Ken Block in Ford’s Snowkhana Two

December 19, 2013

Hello everyone, and welcome to another episode of the world's weirdest videos. I'm your host, Alex Lloyd, and I will be explaining Ford's latest plot in its Snowkhana series — without appearing to be tripping on acid. Enjoy the show.

Ken Block has released Gymkhana 6, a flashy video of him driving like a hooligan in a souped up Ford Fiesta ST. It was great. Ford makes its own versions by enlisting Mental Block, Ken's toy brother. In this latest adventure called Snowkhana Two, Mental emerges from his gift wrapping and proceeds to drift around the Chritsmas tree in what Ford claims to be "The Ultimate Festive Course." Immediately, Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles takes note, and tips his toy box to unleash a mound of "bored" toys. Garfield bumps his head.

T-Rex creates a ramp, while the other toys lie behind to give Mental a target to launch over. The Brussels sprouts find this hilarious. Darth Vader appears and releases a Ford Mustang that looks suspiciously like Vaughn Gittin, Jr. As they both drift around the toy farmer's excavator, Santa sings opera to a group of unamused X Factor judges. Next, Miley Cyrus appears swinging from a Christmas decoration and wrecks the Mustang. Superman comes to the rescue. Mental celebrates being the coolest toy in the box by doing donuts on an iPad. Ken Block approves.

Does that make sense? Do I sound like I'm on…. never mind, just watch the video.