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Scion breathes new life into refreshed TC, reveals limited edition FR-S

Aki Sugawara
March 28, 2013

Targeting finicky youth buyers has proved to be a double-edged sword for Scion. Although it successfully tapped into the sports compact niche with the first-generation TC, selling a brisk 79,125 units in 2006, demand has since dwindled, with the second-gen averaging about 20,000 units. It doesn’t help for the front-wheel-drive coupe that the acclaimed FR-S is the new cool kid in class either.

But the company is trying to breathe new life into the TC with a mid-cycle refresh for the 2014 model year, showing off a revised front that looks less like a grocery-hauling Camry. Aside from the sportier rear taillights and standard, flower-spoked 18-inch wheels, the car will also get a retuned suspension, steering, and a sturdier chassis.

Enthusiasts will be more intrigued by the 10 Series trim announced for the FR-S, which gets the HID/LED headlights, push-button ignition and the dual-climate controls from the Japanese/European spec Toyota 86. On the other hand, buyers who don’t aspire to become the next Dominic Toretto will loathe the neon-lit badges on the exterior, and the dash that glows with the Scion logo and fades out with the number 10.

Scion will produce 10,000 units of the 10 Series trim, which will be offered across its line-up (TC, XB, XD and IQ) in a frosted grey color called Silver Ignition. Here’s hoping most of those get allocated to the FR-S when they go on sale in June.