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Racing, Porsche style: Flickr photo of the day

January 23, 2014

A new racing season is upon us, and qualifying for the 2014 Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona has concluded. This year's newly amalgamated Grand-Am and ALMS sports car series features a grid of wildly different cars, but are any as evocative as this Porsche 906, sent to us by Countach fan? I'd wager that a few are, but there's little doubt the 906 was a stunner. While I don't think this image was taken in Daytona, the Porsche did race there, winning its class (finishing 6th overall) in its debut in 1966. Got a shot to share? Add it to the Motoramic group on Flickr, or send us a message via Twitter, Facebook and Google+.