Lincoln’s Twitter-powered, Jimmy Fallon-guided Super Bowl ad quirks out

February 1, 2013

Every generation gets the shaming it deserves, and after watching the Lincoln Motor Company's Super Bowl ad built from tweets by Jimmy Fallon's fans, I now know what cultural sins my age cohort will have to face some day. To Lincoln's credit, the 2013 MKZ looks free of dust in its shots, there's a funny disclaimer joke and television can always use more Wil Wheaton. On the other side of the ledger, this is a parody of a pastiche of a paste-up: word salad posing as advertising, from people freelancing as marketers, for an automaker selling a simulacrum of luxury. The logical next step from here will be for Lincoln to add the pound sign to its corporate name and turn #Lincoln into "the hashtag of luxury." Forget about self-driving cars; the future belongs to what's trending.