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How to grill a sausage using a Lamborghini Aventador

Alex Lloyd
August 13, 2013

Supercars that spit flames are awesome: Sure, the driver revving like an idiot on a busy street looks like a colossal jackweed, but ignoring its large-headed occupant, the car and its spewing inferno ignites every childhood dream. You may think that a car firing flames has little use than for show, but the fine fellows at SCD TV wanted to prove its application stems further than simply showing off.

If you own a fancy flame-firing supercar, chances are you aren't short of a few bob. So purchasing a grill for a couple hundred bucks at Lowe's isn't going to be an issue. Still, what better party trick is there than to grill your sausages using the flames disgorging out of the back of your supercar? In this test, the sausages were cooked using the tail pipes of a Lamborghini Aventador.

According to SCD TV, the exhaust on the Lambo is standard but the car has received an ECU upgrade. The price tag of said upgrade appears well worth it, given the car's charbroiling proficiency. Despite its multifunctional features, however, for mere mortals, the grilling supercar might remain a financial stretch. But hey, if you've got, flaunt it. And we know how much the drivers of flame-spitting supercars love to do that.