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Could Toyota’s Gran Turismo concept tease a new Supra?


Could Toyota’s Gran Turismo concept tease a new Supra?

A new Toyota Supra has been circulating the rumor mill for years; the iconic Japanese sports car that's graced most every video game and appeared in numerous car movies, such as the Fast and the Furious. But the debate has risen since BMW and Toyota announced a partnership to produce a new sports car. Could this be a new Supra? Or perhaps a successor to the now ceased Lexus LFA? Or maybe this would be something entirely different?

We still don't know. But this teaser image of Toyota's Vision Gran Turismo concept has brought the theorists to the forefront again. This time, in a big way.

Mercedes AMG created its Vision Gran Turismo concept, a car designed purely for Playstation's Gran Turismo 6 video game, and brought a real-life version to the L.A Auto Show last month, stealing headlines and fascinating the crowds. This sketch is Toyota's version of just that (a design study set to appear in the GT6 video game). But rumor has it that the Japanese automaker will be bringing something related to this to the Detroit Auto Show in early January. Will it be a life-sized version of its virtual car, like the Mercedes, or could it be a successor to the Supra, a move others have expected to happen around this timeframe? Maybe it will be an LFA replacement after all. Or perhaps it'll be nothing. Only time will tell. But the rumor mill has certainly whirred back into overdrive.