• Celebrity
    Yahoo Life

    Jana Kramer shares topless photo after breast augmentation: ‘This next me is free’

    The actress and country singer is "ready to be in love with myself" after surgery.

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  • World
    The Telegraph

    Retired US generals claim Joe Biden not fit to be President

    More than 120 retired US generals and admirals have published an open letter suggesting that Joe Biden was not legitimately elected as President and questioning his fitness for office. The letter, signed by 124 retired members of the armed forces calling themselves ‘Flag Officers 4 America’, said that America is “in deep peril,” having “taken a hard-Left turn toward Socialism and a Marxist form of tyrannical government”. The letter from US retired military leaders said: “Without fair and honest

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  • Business
    Business Insider

    Tech CEOs are savagely mocking WeWork's chief exec for saying the 'least engaged' employees enjoy working from home

    Dara Khosrowshahi, the CEO of Uber, and Aaron Levie, the chief executive at Box, were quick to pile on on Twitter.

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  • Sports
    Detroit Free Press

    Detroit Mercy women's basketball player gets ultimatum: We'll pay for school, but you won't play

    Maxine Moore said she has been told by Detroit Mercy that she can remain there on scholarship or leave. But she can no longer play basketball there.

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  • U.S.

    Man Arrested While Still Sexually Assaulting Elderly Asian Woman in Fremont

    A man was arrested for sexually assaulting a 67-year-old Asian woman in Fremont, Calif. on Thursday. Caught in the act: Fremont police said the assault was still in progress when they responded to the problem call at approximately 11 a.m. “This was in an exterior portion of a residence, so it was obvious when the officers arrived on scene what was happening,” Sergeant Ricardo Tores said, according to KGO.

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  • World
    In The Know

    Woman makes ‘scary’ discovery while exploring the basement of her Airbnb: ‘Y’all need to leave’

    A TikTok user chronicled her "scary" experience staying at an Airbnb with an abandoned mall in its basement.

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  • World
    The Takeout

    Chinese students discover loophole for free KFC, and the Colonel is displeased

    In April of 2018, a 23-year-old university student in Shanghai whose last name is Xu found a loophole in KFC’s online ordering system. He discovered that he could pay for food using coupons in a KFC app, then he could get a refund of the very same coupons immediately if he used a different app. In other words, free food! At one of the most popular restaurants in China! But then he flew too close to the fried chicken sun, and things ended very poorly. Vice has the story.

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