Aaron Carter claims his family is out to get him: 'They're setting me up'

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Aaron Carter’s behavior continues to cause alarm.

Over the weekend, the “I Want Candy” singer, 31, posted Instagram videos — which he later deleted — showing him in his car traveling to an undisclosed location for his safety. In them, he claimed his family and Sony Records were conspiring to kill him. He also said he started a Go Fund Me to “protect myself from being the silence breaker for my brother who is a rapist,” referring to Nick Carter, from whom he is estranged.

Yahoo Entertainment has reached out to Aaron, Nick and Sony Music for comment and will update this story when we hear back.

In the videos, viewed by Yahoo Entertainment before they were deleted, Aaron claimed he had been swatted — meaning the police were wrongly called to his home — to search for drugs as well as a rope he intended to use to kill himself. Aaron also said he had also been pulled over by police.

“[Police] knew that I had 500 grams of weed,” said Aaron. “And I still have it in my bag. They did all of the tests. They checked me for all of the drugs that everyone says that I do and clearly I’m driving my car right now and it didn’t work.”

(Screenshot: Aaron Carter via Instagram)
(Screenshot: Aaron Carter via Instagram)

He said whoever called police on him “is going to be in big, big trouble... Having friends call me, threaten me, wanting to kill my life — all this crazy s***. It ain’t gonna work. I’m the Joker. I’ll win this. I’m not playing your game, you’re playing mine.”

In a second video, also deleted, Aaron said, “I want to verify that this is actually my Go Fund Me page, with the link to his fundraiser. “There’s been a lot of misdirection I’ve had to do in order to protect myself from being a silence breaker for my brother who is a rapist.” (Nick, of Backstreet Boys fame, was accused of sexual misconduct by singer Melissa Schuman. He denied it and was never charged. Amid the recent dispute between the brothers, Aaron has repeatedly called his brother a “rapist” on social media.)

(Screenshot: Aaron Carter via Instagram)
(Screenshot: Aaron Carter via Instagram)

He continued, “Now, they are after my life. My whole family is after my life and they’re setting me up. Sony Records owes me $3.5 million and they don’t want to pay me. And it would be in their better interests — just like Michael [Jackson] told me. And Brad Paisley who sued Sony Records for $10 million. They owe me money and they’re trying to kill me off. And I’m begging with you, I’m pleading with you: Help me raise $100,000 as soon as I can so I can move to an undisclosed location where I am safe.”

Aaron went on to accuse his real estate agent of being in on it as well.

“My realtor won’t sell my house,” he claimed. “They’re all involved in this and they’re trying to keep me [in California]. They had cops come and check for a rope in my garage saying I want to hang myself. So please trust what I am saying and please donate the money.”

(Screenshot: Go Fund Me)
(Screenshot: Go Fund Me)

After, he posted a video from the undisclosed location. He was much calmer and said he just wanted to stay away from his family in the wake of his siblings, Nick and Angel, being granted year-long restraining orders against him. He said he planned to relax and ski and take a little vacation.

Aaron wrote on the Go Fund Me, which has raised about $1,700 of the $100,000 goal, that his family is “out to get a conservatorship or set things up to make it look like I have killed myself.”

“I have become a silence breaker,” he wrote on the fundraiser. “And it has come to my attention; with factual information that my family is out to get a conservatorship or set things up to make it look like I have killed myself. The black Web documentary is in progress right now and I am exposing everyone who has done me wrong and has owed me money. I am owed $3.5 million dollars from Sony records. There is a conspiracy that my family wants to take my life to take my money and when I die, they will have all rights to my money and assets. It is a known fact that after a celebrity dies, the industry makes way more money.”

The full message:

(Screenshot: Go Fund Me)
(Screenshot: Go Fund Me)

On Twitter, Aaron said they are “trying to get me to violate my restraining order” as well as “trying to push me in psychosis.”

Shortly after, he announced another social media break.

Aaron had been in the news pretty much nonstop since September. That’s when he appeared on The Doctors and shared his various mental health diagnoses, including multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar and acute anxiety.

Around that time, Nick and Angel, who is Aaron’s twin, were granted restraining orders against him citing his “increasingly alarming behavior.” That led Aaron to attack using social media, branding his brother a “serial rapist,” related to Schuman’s allegation. He turned in his guns to authorities per the restraining order conditions.

Aaron’s behavior has continued to be brow-raising, including his face tattoo, and he was hospitalized reportedly for exhaustion. As his siblings had their restraining orders extended for a year, Aaron showed up to court with his brother Nick’s sexual assault accuser Schuman.

If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is open 24 hours a day at 800-273-8255.

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