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    Strong earthquakes hit central Italy; no deaths reported

    A series of strong earthquakes hit central Italy on Wednesday, striking fear among residents still rattled by a deadly tremor in August, but there were no reports of casualties. A quake measured at 6.0 magnitude by the U.S. Geological Survey struck about two hours after a first quake measuring 5.4 struck

  • Israel recalls UNESCO ambassador in protest at Jerusalem resolutions

    Israel recalls UNESCO ambassador in protest at Jerusalem resolutions

    Israel on Wednesday recalled its ambassador to UNESCO for consultations after the U.N. culture body adopted a second resolution in two weeks that Israeli leaders said ignored Judaism's connection with one of Jerusalem's holiest sites. According to a text provided by Palestinian officials, the

  • Reuters

    Air strikes kill 26, mostly children in Syria's Idlib: rescuers, monitor

    Air strikes by Syrian or Russian warplanes killed at least 26 people, most of them school children, in a village in Syria's rebel-held Idlib province on Wednesday, rescue workers and a monitoring group said. The raids hit a residential area and a school in Haas village, the Syrian Civil Defence

  • Christian Science Monitor

    What you need to know about the botnet that broke the internet

    A wave of cyberattacks against a core internet service provider last week caused disruptions at major websites and marked the third time in the past month that criminals used a network of malware-infected devices to cause havoc.

  • Christian Science Monitor

    Undecided voters in North Carolina: struggling but hopeful

    Does anybody like both main presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? Veteran Democratic pollster Peter Hart puts the question to a table of 12 undecided voters in Charlotte, N.C. At this late stage in the 2016 campaign, watching a focus group of undecided voters can be painful.

  • Christian Science Monitor

    Non-state actor suspected in massive cyberattack: Is that less worrying?

    Last week's major cyberattack, which affected millions of computer users, was probably the work not of a foreign government but of a non-state actor, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said Tuesday. "But I wouldn't want to be conclusively definitive about that yet," Mr

  • Christian Science Monitor

    Guns on campus unlikely to increase safety, study finds

    A new study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health finds that allowing concealed carry on university campuses is unlikely to decrease mass shootings, and may worsen other violent crimes, contrary to some claims of those who support expanding campus carry gun laws

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    Islamic State takes hostages deeper towards Mosul as Iraqi forces advance

    For two years he had prayed he would again see the family he had left behind when his village near Mosul was overrun by Islamic State while he was off on deployment. Last week he learned from other advancing Iraqi forces who reached his home village that they had arrived too late to protect his family

  • Tough road ahead, Spain PM warns before return to power

    Tough road ahead, Spain PM warns before return to power

    Spain's acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy warned Wednesday of a tough road ahead as he prepares to take power again at the head of a minority government with little support. In a speech to parliament as he submits himself to a confidence vote that should see him re-appointed to lead Spain again

  • Venezuela opposition seeks to up pressure on Maduro

    Venezuela opposition seeks to up pressure on Maduro

    Venezuela's opposition moved to ratchet up pressure on embattled President Nicolas Maduro at mass protests on Wednesday, announcing plans for a general strike, a legislative onslaught and a new march. Opposition leaders called a 12-hour general strike for Friday and vowed to use their legislative

  • Turkish leader threatens more involvement on Syrian border
    Associated Press

    Turkish leader threatens more involvement on Syrian border

    ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened Wednesday to step up his intervention in the conflict along his country's border with Syria, insisting he was determined to oust Syrian Kurdish forces gathering in the region.

  • Henry says can't see Wenger as England boss

    Henry says can't see Wenger as England boss

    Arsenal legend Thierry Henry said Wednesday there was no way he could see his former boss Arsene Wenger filling the vacant England manager's position. Wenger, who recently celebrated his 20th anniversary as manager of Arsenal, has been strongly linked with the job following the sacking of Sam Allardyce

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    Obama administration sends $28 million to aid coal regions

    By Valerie Volcovici WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. government released $28 million in federal grants to 13 coal-producing states on Wednesday to help them cope with the decline of the coal industry, driven by the move toward cleaner energy. With the Obama administration's announcement, over $66

  • Police clash with students outside South Africa parliament

    Police clash with students outside South Africa parliament

    South African police on Wednesday fired stun grenades to disperse student protesters outside parliament as the finance minister delivered a speech warning of the country's weakening economy. Pravin Gordhan cut the 2016 growth forecast sharply from 0.9 percent to 0.5 percent as South Africa struggles

  • Associated Press

    Roswell Park to conduct trial of Cuban lung cancer treatment

    BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — Buffalo's Roswell Park Cancer Institute has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration to conduct a clinical trial of an innovative lung cancer vaccine developed in Cuba.

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    Mudslide kills at least seven on Colombian highway

    BOGOTA (Reuters) - A mudslide killed at least seven people and buried more than 10 others along a mountainous stretch of Colombia's main highway between Bogota and Medellin, authorities said on Wednesday. The avalanche of mud and rocks, triggered by recent heavy rains, spilled across four lanes of

  • 'Dr Miracle' calls for tougher line against mass rape

    'Dr Miracle' calls for tougher line against mass rape

    Rape must be treated as an illegal weapon of war in the same way as chemical weapons, the campaigning gynaecologist Denis Mukwege said Wednesday. The specialist reconstructive surgeon, who has treated 45,000 victims of sexual violence in the strife-torn Democratic Republic of Congo, said a tougher line

  • Associated Press

    Amnesty International urges Azerbaijan to free activist

    MOSCOW (AP) — Amnesty International says that a 10-year prison sentence handed to 22-year-old activist detained after spraying graffiti on a statue of the nation's ex-president is a "shocking assault on freedom of expression."

  • Associated Press

    A second powerful aftershock rattles Italy after 5.4 temblor

    ROME (AP) — A pair of powerful aftershocks shook central Italy on Wednesday, knocking out power, closing a major highway and sending panicked residents into the rain-drenched streets just two months after a powerful earthquake killed nearly 300 people.

  • Gambia becomes latest African nation to quit ICC

    Gambia becomes latest African nation to quit ICC

    The Gambia has become the latest African nation to announce its withdrawal from the International Criminal Court, accusing the war crimes tribunal of "persecuting" Africans. Banjul's decision follows similar action by South Africa and Burundi this month that have shaken the only permanent

  • IS driving hundreds into Mosul, using them as human shields
    Associated Press

    IS driving hundreds into Mosul, using them as human shields

    QAYARA, Iraq (AP) — Islamic State militants have been going door to door in villages south of Mosul, ordering people at gunpoint on a mileslong trek into the city and using them as human shields as the extremists prepare to defend it from Iraqi forces, according to residents swept up in the forced evacuations

  • Number of Iraqis displaced in Mosul op reaches 10,000

    Number of Iraqis displaced in Mosul op reaches 10,000

    More than 10,000 Iraqis have fled their homes since the October 17 start of an offensive to retake Mosul from the Islamic State jihadist group, the United Nations said Wednesday. "Over 10,500 people are currently displaced and in need of humanitarian assistance," the UN's Office for the

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    Britain cannot have it all in Brexit deal: French ag minister

    Britain cannot have it all as it exits the European Union and cannot leave behind the bloc's problems while benefiting from its advantages, French agriculture minister Stephane Le Foll said on Wednesday. "You cannot say when exiting the EU you will keep all the advantages but leave behind anything

  • NATO reports progress on eastern troop deployments

    NATO reports progress on eastern troop deployments

    NATO is making good progress in building up the battalions being deployed in eastern European allies badly rattled by a more assertive Russia, alliance head Jens Stoltenberg said Wednesday. NATO leaders endorsed plans at their Warsaw summit in July to rotate troops into the three Baltic states and Poland

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    Islamic State-aligned group takes Somali town, say officials

    By Feisal Omar and Abdi Sheikh MOGADISHU (Reuters) - A group loyal to Islamic State seized the small port town of Qandala in Somalia's semi-autonomous Puntland region on Wednesday, the first town it has taken since emerging a year ago, officials said. The group, which refers to itself simply as