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The United States Congress is the bicameral legislature of the Federal government of the United States. The legislature consists of two chambers: the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Congress meets in the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. Both senators and representatives are chosen through direct election, though vacancies in the Senate may be filled by a gubernatorial appointment. Congress has 535 voting members: 435 Representatives and 100 Senators.
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  • Should Congress push back more against WH?
    Yahoo View

    Should Congress push back more against WH?

    Host and author Eric Bolling and author Charlie Sykes debate the president's summit with Vladimir Putin and the limit of Congress' power and what, if anything, Congress should do to push back against the White House.

  • Lawmakers begin final rush to adjournment on Beacon Hill
    The Kansas City Star

    Lawmakers begin final rush to adjournment on Beacon Hill

    The Massachusetts Legislature is beginning what promises to be the hectic final days of its formal 2017-2018 session, with many key proposals still hanging in the balance. House and Senate leaders are scheduled to meet privately with Republican Gov. Charlie Baker on Monday, and lawmakers have been put on notice that they could meet each day — including Saturday and Sunday — through July 31. Under legislative rules, the House and Senate may continue meeting informally after July 31, but only to consider non-controversial matters. During this week's final flurry of activity, the Senate plans a leadership shuffle. Democratic Sen. Karen Spilka is expected to be elected Senate President on Thursday,

  • Govt misled nation on Rafale deal: Congress
    Business Standard India

    Govt misled nation on Rafale deal: Congress

    The Congress today said there was no clause in a 2008 pact between India and France that prevents the government from divulging price details of the Rafale deal. Former defence minister and senior Congress leader A K Antony said the government's claim that a secrecy clause in the pact was forcing it to not reveal price details of the deal was "totally wrong". They have to reveal price details of each aircraft, he said. He also said the government cannot hide the price details of the Rafale jets as the deal has to be scrutinised by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) as well as Parliament's Public Accounts Committee (PAC). Addressing a press conference, his colleague Anand Sharma added that

  • Congress to move privilege motion against PM, Sitharaman over Rafale deal

    Congress to move privilege motion against PM, Sitharaman over Rafale deal

    New Delhi, July 23: The Congress has decided to move privilege motion against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in Lok Sabha on Rafale fighter jet deal issue. The party decided to move privilege motion in special Congress Party briefing by former Defence Minister Shri A.K. Anthony and Anand Sharma. On the day of no-confidence motion, Congress President Rahul Gandhi accused Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman of "lying" to the nation over the Rafale deal's 'secrecy'. He said that French President Emmanuel Macron told him that there was no binding secrecy clause in the Rafale deal. However, Sitharaman, hit back at the Congress chief and termed as "absolutely wrong"

  • WTHR Indianapolis

    Defense bill would curb Cabinet control of nuclear agency

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The agency that supervises the nation's nuclear weapons stockpile would essentially lose direct Cabinet oversight under legislation that Congress is negotiating. The little-noticed provision in a defense policy bill is opposed by the Trump administration and senior lawmakers from both parties, but efforts to scrap it have not overcome resistance from staffers on the Senate Armed Services Committee. At issue in the Senate-approved bill is whether the National Nuclear Security Administration remains under the direct control of the Energy Department, where it's been since its creation in 2000. The bill would empower that agency to act nearly on its own, freed from what a report

  • 12 states to give Congress 150 seats, tie-up needed elsewhere: Chidambaram
    Business Standard India

    12 states to give Congress 150 seats, tie-up needed elsewhere: Chidambaram

    Former Union Minister P. Chidambaram on Sunday told the Congress Working Committee that the party can win at least 150 seats on its own in 12 states where it is strong and it should forge alliances in other states in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls to boost its numbers. Sources said Chidambaram, a former Finance Minister, told the CWC, the party's highest decision-making body, that Congress should try for alliance with as many parties as possible, while strengthening the party in the 12 states to maximise gains. The party has 48 members in the Lok Sabha at present. Chidambaram's views were echoed by several other senior leaders and with some of them emphasising that Congress should be the pivot of alliances

  • Opinion | Trump is politicizing the federal government even further. Step in, Congress.
    Washington Post

    Opinion | Trump is politicizing the federal government even further. Step in, Congress.

    IF YOU were embroiled in a dispute over claims for benefits or federal enforcement actions, your case would probably end up before an administration law judge (ALJ). These judges — of whom there are more than 1,900 across the federal government, 1,600 in the Social Security Administration alone — oversee trial-like hearings and adjudicate a range of administrative and regulatory questions. They have traditionally been subject to a merit-based hiring system led by the Office of Personnel Management. But after a Supreme Court decision in June raised constitutional questions about the hiring of ALJs, the Trump administration revamped the appointment system — and in the process made it easier to

  • Fox Business

    Scalise reveals how Republicans plan to keep control of the House in November

    In addition, Scalise said the GOP is working to revamp the health care system in the U.S., including working on a bill to get rid of the medical device tax.

  • 2019 polls: Bihar grand alliance stitching rainbow coalition to defeat BJP
    Business Standard India

    2019 polls: Bihar grand alliance stitching rainbow coalition to defeat BJP

    Even as all eyes are set on how the NDA resolves the thorny seat-sharing issue, the rival Mahagatbandhan in Bihar is busy stitching a rainbow coalition to defeat the BJP-led combination in the 2019 general elections. Efforts are on to cobble up unity and distribute 40 Lok Sabha seats among Mahagatbandhan rainbow coalition partners comprising the RJD, the Congress, the NCP, the HAM (Hindustani Awam Morcha), the Left and Sharad Yadav. Senior leaders of the constituent parties have been meeting away from the media glare to discuss seat-sharing among them based on "realistic" ground level strength of a party in a constituency, sources in the RJD, Congress and HAM of former Chief Minister Jitan Ram

  • Exclusive: Alabama Democrat Tabitha Isner on her campaign for Congress: “Women don't shut down”

    Exclusive: Alabama Democrat Tabitha Isner on her campaign for Congress: “Women don't shut down”

    When Jeff Sessions vacated his Alabama Senate seat to become President Donald Trump's attorney general, it seemed like an odds-on bet that another Republican would succeed him in representing the solidly-red state on Capitol Hill. By year's end, an insurgent candidate Doug Jones emerged victorious over Judge Roy Moore. It was the first the Yellowhammer State elected a Democrat to the Senate in 25 years. Now, Tabitha Isner, an ordained minister turned Democratic candidate is rapidly gaining momentum in what is becoming a highly-contested battleground in Alabama's 2nd congressional district, which includes the city of Montgomery. The race is flying under the radar, as the Cook Report doesn't even

  • The 50 Best Annuities

    The 50 Best Annuities

    “My portfolio has taken hits four or five times in my career, and I don't want to go through that again,” says Burns, who chose a New York Life annuity that allows him to invest in a moderately aggressive portfolio and protects against any losses over 10 years. Annuities are insurance contracts with three primary purposes: They can provide a floor under investment losses, allow for more tax-deferred investing once individual retirement accounts and 401(k)s are maxed out, or turn a lump sum into guaranteed income for life. Consider the bellwether plain fixed annuity: Like a certificate of deposit, these annuities allow savings to grow at a fixed rate for a fixed amount of time—but annuities also defer taxes on earnings. The top five-year guaranteed interest rate offered by an insurer with an A.M. Best rating of A- or higher is 3.6%, up nearly a percentage point from 2.65% a year ago.

  • Congress hearing testimony on bill protecting tribe's land
    San Francisco Chronicle

    Congress hearing testimony on bill protecting tribe's land

    MASHPEE, Mass. (AP) — A Massachusetts tribe that could be the first in decades to lose its federally-designated reservation lands is making its case before Congress. The House Committee on Natural Resources hears testimony Tuesday on legislation that would enshrine the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe's 321-acre reservation into law. The reservation was designated by the U.S. Department of Interior in 2015, but the agency is now reviewing the move in a case that's being closely watched by tribes across the country. The review was prompted by a federal judge who sided with local residents challenging the basis for the agency's decision in 2016. Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Council Chairman Cedric Cromwell