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Latest trends and discussion about news in the United Kingdom, including the high-rise fire in London.
  • Daily Mail

    Uber driver is caught rapidly swiping right on Tinder each time the car stops

    An Uber driver was so desperate for a date his passenger caught him furiously swiping right every time his car came to a stop. The car's back seat passenger filmed the moment their Uber stopped at a set of traffic lights in Farringdon during a trip between Soho and Angel at 10.30am. Tapping the screen on his phone as quickly as possible, the Uber driver doesn't seem to give each profile much thought. The car's back seat passenger films the moment their Uber stops at a set of traffic lights in Farringdon during a trip between Soho and Angel The passenger, a 32-year-old account manager who doesn't want to be named, said: 'The "thirst" was super strong with this fella. 'His finger was moving furiously.

  • Daily Mail

    Nigerian immigrant mother, 31, bribed a male NHS nurse, 44, to pose as her baby daughter's father

    A Nigerian immigrant mother who bribed a male NHS nurse to pose as her baby daughter's father so that her child could get British passport faces deportation. Housewife Maria Adesanya, 31, paid £3,000 to UK citizen Adekunle Adeparusi, 44, to put his name down as the father on the child's birth certificate. Adeparusi then pocketed a further £13,000 that he claimed in child tax credits even though he had no role in the daughter's life. The pair hatched the plan in January 2014, three months after pregnant Adesanya entered the UK on an eight-month visitors VISA. They were only caught in February 2015 after the mother applied for a Derivative Authority Card. During this time the mother found work

  • Daily Mail

    Woman rescued after being stuck in a SEPTIC TANK for 'two or three days'

    Firefighters in Oregon rescued a woman they said was trapped in a septic tank for up to three days on Tuesday.  Rescuers said they found her lying about three feet underground with just her face above the raw sewage in a tank outside her rural home around five miles northeast of Estacada.  The woman, who declined to be identified, did not appear to be hurt, but was flown by helicopter to a Portland hospital to be examined for possible infections from being in contact with sewage and a lack of oxygen, officials told KPTV.  Scroll down for video 'It can be definitely a scary situation, especially sitting at the bottom of a septic tank and you don't know that anybody's coming to get you,' Nick Wettlaufer,

  • Daily Mail

    Sydney Trains CEO says the 'archaic' network is to blame for day of transport dismay

    The CEO of Sydney Trains rail network has blamed 'archaic' technology for allowing one fault to create 15 hours of delays on the city's rail network. Commuters were left stranded on packed trains and platforms on Friday after repairs were required on a train at 5.30am at Town Hall station. The disruptions extended into the evening rush hour, and Sydney Trains chief executive Howard Collins said the issue would not have had the same impact on London's underground system. 'It is a failure of the way our system is built that one train can stop the entire network,' he said. Mr Collins was previously the chief operating officer of the London Underground, and told that Sydney's rail systems

  • Daily Mail

    Mercedes driver forces 44-ton lorry to slam on its brakes to avoid an accident

    A Mercedes driver who hit the brakes while joining a dual carriageway - despite a 40-ton HGV coming up behind her - has been criticised on social media.    Chris Leigh captured the moment the SLK250 AMG Sport's driver pulled out in front of his 44-ton lorry near Uxbridge, London, on his dashcam. The Mercedes, which has a top speed of 151mph, doesn't speed up to get past the lorry while joining the A40 Swakeleys to Denham. Instead, the driver brakes in front of the HGV, as if suddenly unsure whether they will make it on to the road. Mr Leigh is forced to slam on his brakes in order to avoid a collision, as the driver of the white car seems unsure the speed other vehicles are travelling. This is

  • 'Dancing With The Stars' Fans Call To 'Boycott' ABC Over the Fall Cast
    Women's Health

    'Dancing With The Stars' Fans Call To 'Boycott' ABC Over the Fall Cast

    One dancer in particular has people really upset.

  • Daily Mail

    Graffiti artist arrested after $17,000 damage in Toongabbie, NSW

    A graffiti artist who allegedly caused $17,000 worth of damage to property over 18 months has finally been arrested. On Thursday morning around 7am police raided a house in Toongabbie, Western Sydney. A 36-year-old man who was wanted for 35 incidents around Sydney's North West Region was arrested with police seizing 400 graffiti cans.  While searching the home, police also found clothes that were connected to the alleged offences, keys, cannabis and graffiti sketches. The man received 85 graffiti related offences at the Parramatta Police Station including numerous counts of entering running lines, blacken face with intent, malicious damage (graffiti), possessing a prohibited drug, trespass and

  • the Guardian

    Devon police apologise for calling animal rights activists 'idiots'

    Officer captured on undercover film advising farmers during badger cull briefing Fri 23 Aug 2019 11.46 EDT Last modified on Fri 23 Aug 2019 11.52 EDT Devon and Cornwall police have apologised after an officer appeared to refer to animal rights activists as “idiots” at a badger cull briefing. Undercover filming obtained by campaign group Stop the Cull reveals a police liaison officer advising farmers and marksmen involved in executing the policy on how to deal with activists and saying he would confiscate cameras set up to monitor badger traps. The officer called the activists “idiots” on three occasions but warned against violence towards them, according to the video. However, he said in reference

  • the Guardian

    'They just dump you here': the homeless families living in shipping containers

    Eye-catchingly, Ikea-ishly modern with its brightly coloured exterior panelling glinting in the morning sun, Meath Court, a prefabricated apartment block in Ealing, west London, built from converted shipping containers, looks for all the world like a stylishly contemporary answer to the UK's growing homelessness problem. Cheap, quick to build – it went up in a miraculous 24 weeks on a plot of unused council-owned land – Meath Court hosts 60 households needing emergency housing. According to Ealing council the flats, which have been up and running for over 18 months, offer “a stable, private environment for homeless families with nowhere else to go”. There are others like it in Ealing, as well as Brighton and Bristol.

  • Eddie Stobart accounting review gives Neil Woodford latest headache
    Evening Standard

    Eddie Stobart accounting review gives Neil Woodford latest headache

    Fallen fund star Neil Woodford was hit with more pain on Friday as shares in Eddie Stobart Logistics, the lorry firm he backs, were suspended and the boss was ousted following an accounting blunder.Eddie Stobart Logistics said chief executive Alex Laffey will stand down with immediate effect and half-year profits will likely be “significantly lower” than anticipated. The City had been expecting £63 million of underlying operating profits for the full year.

  • the Guardian

    Hong Kong businesses fear protests will push economy into recession

    Hong Kong is a free marketer's dream. The tiny island has a GDP bigger than many industrialised countries, low tax and abundant cheap labour, and is a world-class financial centre boasting a stock market with a total value of more than £2.5tn. No wonder then that the city's most powerful vested interests are showing signs of nerves after 11 weeks of street protests that have paralysed the city, prompting its biggest political crisis since the handover to China in 1997 and threatening to push it into recession. Last week it was Hong Kong's richest man, Li Ka-shing, and then it was the turn of the former colony's big banks to take out full-page adverts in local newspapers pleading with protesters to stop the rallies and marches.

  • Daily Mail

    Clouds form on the wings of F-22 Raptors as they dart across the Chicago waterfront

    It really is raining on their incredible aerial parade - but the crowds below loved it. Incredible photos have captured the US Air Force's F-22 Raptor Demonstration Team kicking up clouds of moisture as they race across the Chicago skyline.  The small clouds formed on the wings of the fighter jets when they performed high G-force maneuvers, which cause the air pressure on the upper side to drop. This also made the temperature fall quickly and water vapor in the air condenses into clouds.    The 60th annual event saw the planes fly across Chicago's famous waterfront and duck and weave between the towering skyscrapers to the cheers of more than  two million onlookers last weekend.  The highly-skilled

  • Lancashire Telegraph

    Smart motorways used to boost road capacity

    Millions of motorists stuck in queues during the bank holiday getaway will wish there was less congestion on motorways. One of the ways Highways England is increasing capacity is by creating smart motorways. This involves converting the hard shoulder into a live lane and using variable speed limits to manage traffic. Among the motorways which have partly been upgraded are the M1, M4, M5, M6 and M25.

  • Lancashire Telegraph

    Transgender discrimination claim against The Times rejected

    A transgender woman made redundant by The Times has lost an employment tribunal in which she claimed to have suffered discrimination and unfair dismissal at the newspaper. Katherine O'Donnell worked as a night editor on the paper's Scottish edition but was made redundant after the office in Scotland was closed and she turned down an offer to relocate to London. After her redundancy, Ms O'Donnell sued her former employer for discrimination, harassment, victimisation and unfair dismissal, and claimed there was a “toxic environment for trans people” at the newspaper.