The World’s Chicest Flight Attendant Uniforms

Flight attendant fashions have evolved greatly since the candy-striper-esque attire of yesteryear.

We recently learned that Zac Posen will be designing the new Delta Airlines uniforms, to be released in 2018, and is currently working with the airline on research and development of the line.

In a world where airlines are cutting costs left, right and center, the presentation of its staff has become a tactic to gain an edge against its competition — while looking rather fabulous in the process. And to do that, they are bringing aboard well-known designers to give the uniforms a high-fashion feel.

Here are Yahoo Travel’s picks for the chicest flight attendant uniforms currently seen at 35,000 feet (in no particular order):

Virgin Atlantic


The elegant and stylish uniforms of Virgin Atlantic. (Photo: Virgin Atlantic)

Last year, famed designer Vivienne Westwood partnered with Virgin to redesign the company uniforms. This new evolution was nothing short of fabulous. The red-hot designs, which stayed true to the airlines famous main color scheme of red and white, included chic silhouettes, classic tailoring, and striking accessories — all with a retro feel.

The pieces all pay homage to Westwood’s elegant but dramatic style, which has been iconic since the ’70s. The uniforms are also made from polyester produced from recycled plastic bottles, making them modernly eco-friendly.

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Air Canada Rouge


This laid back uniforms make us feel like we’re in Brooklyn. (Photo: Air Canada Rouge)

The domestic Canadian discount airline might be cutting costs and corners in some areas, but not when it comes to its uniforms.

Air Canada Rouge pitches itself as a ‘leisure airline,’ and its uniforms reflect that — looking like a cross between J.Crew catalogue and Mad Men episode.
Patterned ties and neck scarves, tilted tweed fedoras, vests, cardigans, and white shirts with the sleeves rolled up all create a young, hipster vibe that the company says “reflects the relaxed, fun, holiday atmosphere onboard.” We approve.



The Emirates uniforms just scream elegance. (Photo: Emirates)

Emirates is known for its luxurious and elegant approach to air travel, and its uniforms clearly reflect this.

The sophisticated-looking attire consists of classic beige suits with cream shirts for the women and brown suits with a red pinstripe for the guys. The women’s signature red cap with white veil adds a chic pop of color to the ensemble. All while being historically sensitive and traditional.

Emirates even dedicates an entire day of the staff’s two-week service training program to image and grooming, when they discuss and lay out the guidelines. Red lipstick and matching nail polish are recommended.

Bangkok Airways


The modern design of Bangkok Airways. (Photo: Bangkok Airways)

Designed by chic Thai fashion house Asava, the Bangkok Airways uniforms incorporate the multiple eye-catching blue tones of the company’s corporate colors in a pretty striped pattern, said to represent waves and the sky.
Women wear round-necked blouses with three-quarter-length sleeves, silk hair scarves, and tailored pencil skirts, while the men don crisp striped shirts with contemporary slim-fit trousers. All the clothing creates a fresh, modern, and soothing aesthetic that looks professional and comfortable.

Korean Air


The sophisticated styles of Korean Air. (Photo: Korean Air)

Designed by Italian powerhouse fashion designer Gianfranco Ferré before his death in 2007, the Korean Airlines uniform has won multiple awards for its simple yet elegant aesthetic.

Pale turquoise blazers with matching silk blouses, stone-colored pencil skirts with white silk neck scarves, and leather gloves look chic and fresh. The tailoring is classic and sleek, making the overall look match perfectly with the sophisticated ambience of the airline.

The airline also has very high grooming standards that it enforces for the crew, dictating strict hair, makeup, manicures, and jewelry guidelines.



It’s amazing how a little pop of color can really bring an outfit together. (Photo: Qantas/Facebook)

One of our personal favorites, the newly designed Qantas uniforms consist of mostly black, business attire-type outfits with pops of vibrant red and pink throughout. Fitted shift dresses with neck ties for the women and stylish single breasted suits for the men give the range a high fashion but formal feel. Oh, and we can’t forget to mention that sleek trench coat!

Designed by Australian-born designer Martin Grant, the collection actually contains over 35 designs, meaning there are plenty more choices to keep the crew looking fresh in the coming years.

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The uniforms on Aeroflot take us back to a different time. (Photo: Аэрофлот - Российские авиалинии/ Facebook)

While many airlines have attempted to modernize their uniforms, Russia’s national airline has done the complete opposite, taking their style on a retrospective journey back to the heyday of air-cabin crew.

The vibrant colors combined with white gloves, neckties, tipped hats, and matching patent pumps give the uniforms a costume-like feel. Flying with Aeroflot feels like you’re in a period TV show.

Air France


The Air France uniforms are simple, yet stylish. (Photo: Air France/Facebook)

It’s not surprise that Air France has some of the most stylish attire in the industry. The high-fashion-feel range was designed by Christian Lacroix, incorporating the national colors of red, white, and blue. Sleek silhouettes paired with colorful, oversized embellishments stay true to the stereotype Parisian style.

The uniforms look classic and sophisticated and would look just as appropriate being worn to a fancy French restaurant as in the plane cabin at 36,000 feet.

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