"F-16s in the sky. Carrying US missiles. Targets destroyed!" : how pilots of Ukraine's Armed Forces train on simulator

Pilots of one of Ukraine's tactical aviation brigades are already practising combat missions on an F-16 aircraft simulator provided by Czechia.

Source: press service of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Details: The head of the simulator maintenance team notes that receiving this modern platform was a real "breakthrough".


Photo: Ukrainian Air Force

Quote: "I've been involved in flight simulator maintenance of Su and MiG fixed-wing aircraft for more than 20 years now, and all these years, we have had a difficult time, to put it mildly. The situation with the supply of new equipment was close to critical for a long time.

No, we never gave up. We did everything possible – repaired, modernised, updated the software and engaged Ukrainian manufacturers... The oldest simulators became donors for their slightly younger "colleagues".

We often heard about the "lack of funds" or "no time for this", but thanks to the efforts of specialists who are ready to run around the equipment day and night with a soldering iron in their hands, we managed to keep the equipment.

But everything has its time and its resources. The vast majority of our flight simulators have long since reached the end of their useful life. Given the current situation, the Air Force is analysing technical possibilities in search of efficient and cost-effective solutions. One of them is the transition to flight simulators that employ virtual or fixed reality, which gives the pilot a sense of flight reality and a wider viewing angle. Developed countries have been using such simulators for the past five years.

F-16s will soon be in service with our brigades, so there is no other option but to switch to the new simulators."


Photo: Ukrainian Air Force

Details: The officer said that the realism of sensations, overload, a huge selection of maps, modes and scenarios, the ability to practice the use of various weapons and the ability to simulate actions in emergency situations are impressive. This is a completely different level of technology.


Photo: Ukrainian Air Force

Of course, "a single simulator can't fight on the battlefield," and this is just the beginning. The Air Force adds that in the near future, all tactical aviation brigades will be equipped with such platforms.


  • On 10 May 2024, it became known that Czechia had handed over the first F-16 fighter jet simulator to one of Ukraine’s tactical aviation brigades, and its main module is being tested and prepared for operation by Ukrainian engineers.

  • The Air Force explains that this is not a simulator, but a full-fledged flight simulator with a real F-16 cockpit. Hydraulics will be installed next, so that the pilot will get the most realistic experience during training flights.

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