• A nightmare night out for Lincoln Park woman who met a man at a bar

    Prosecutors laid it out in court Sunday: One woman’s night out turned into a nightmare. She found him - a guy she met at a bar - in her bed the morning after a boozy night out. The 22-year-old Lincoln Park woman, with the help of her roommate, kicked him out and went to a hospital to have a rape kit performed. Still shaken, she avoided her bed and slept on a couch that night with a male friend. At 5 a.m., she woke up to see the man she met at the bar standing over her. He then put a pillow on her face and put all his weight on top of it. Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney Nancee Hofheimer said she was able to break free and scream, at which point her male friend woke up and chased the man

  • Her six-hour commute each day seems crazy, but her affordable rent is not

    She doesn’t need an alarm clock, Carolyn Cherry says. Her brain is programmed, by years of routine, to sound an internal alarm just before 3 a.m. One hour after rising, she leaves her house in Hemet and drives in darkness to the South Perris Metrolink station, the first leg of her daily journey to work. The drive takes 22 or 23 minutes, a bit longer if she picks up a friend or stops to get a cup of tea for the long train ride ahead. The parking lot is all hers when Cherry arrives, and she pulls into the same spot every time. The train leaves at 4:43 a.m. and Cherry, 60 years old and a couple of years away from retirement, rides it all the way to the final stop, more than two hours away. That’s

  • Canadian Billionaire, Wife Died of Neck Compression, Police Find

    The deaths of billionaire pharmaceutical executive Bernard “Barry” Sherman and his wife were both caused by “ligature neck compression,” Toronto police said. The post-mortem examination finding that both deaths were caused by “ligature neck compression” prompted the homicide unit of Toronto’s police to take over the investigation, the service said in an online statement Sunday. The bodies of the 75-year-old founder of Apotex Pharmaceutical Holdings Inc. and his wife, Honey Sherman, 70, were found in their home in the Toronto neighborhood of North York on Friday under what police called suspicious circumstances. It’s unclear whether one or both of the deaths is considered a homicide, and a police

  • Man admits to beheading wife as kids watched, storing head in freezer

    A Texas man was sentenced to 52 years in prison on Friday after he admitted to decapitating his wife in front of her children. David Dauzat, 24, pleaded guilty to the 2016 death of his wife, Natasha Dauzat, 21, who was found with dozens of stab wounds. Dauzat agreed to the plea deal after Natasha’s family requested it to prevent the children from reliving the horrifying incident if the case went to trial, KWTX reported. “They didn’t want to put the children through a trial and have them relive those memories,” McLennan County Assistant District Attorney Michael Jarrett said. Police went to the couple’s mobile home in Bellmead, a town just northwest of Waco, in August 2016 after a concerned relative

  • I Drank Apple Cider Vinegar Every Day to Lose Weight and the Results Were Shocking

    When I think of apple cider vinegar, my face immediately makes that distorted “sour” expression and a wave of heebee-jeebees washes over me. Here’s what happened when I drank it to lose weight (plus, we’ll look at some common apple cider myths you should know the truth about).

  • The Details of JFK's "Affair" With Marilyn Monroe Are Way More Chill Than We've Been Told

    Marilyn Monroe was one of the most glamorous and sought-after stars of her time. John F. Kennedy was, well, the president of the United States. After Marilyn performed a steamy rendition of "Happy Birthday" at the commander-in-chief's 45th birthday party in May 1962, rumors of an affair were propelled - and those rumors have persisted throughout history, even though details of an ongoing relationship between the two are actually pretty scarce. The first time Marilyn and JFK were confirmed to have been at the same place at the same time was at the April in Paris Ball on April 11, 1957, at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in NYC; Marilyn was there with her then-husband, playwright Arthur Miller, while John attended with his wife, Jackie, and his sister, Eunice Kennedy Shriver.

  • UFC Winnipeg, The Morning After: This Mouthguard Had One Job

    Mouthguards generally have one job, and it’s to keep you from getting your teeth knocked out. In combat sports, that is generally a far more important function than other sports because knocking your teeth out is exactly what the other guy, or girl, is attempting to do. It’s safe to say this mouthguard failed. In fact, it failed grotesquely and spectacularly. The owner of this mouthguard, apparently an MMA fighter in China (no more detail was provided than that) is going to hope their insurance covers very extensive dental procedures. The fighter in question may have won. But chances are, that will be small consolation to them unless someone is able to work a surgical miracle on their mouth.