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    In The Know

    Woman divorces husband after noticing suspicious detail in photo of him: 'Most ridiculous lie I've ever heard'

    A woman took to TikTok to share the shocking way she claims to have caught her significant other cheating.

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  • Business

    You may soon be getting a COVID 'stimulus check' from your health insurer

    Rebates required under Obamacare could put hundreds of dollars back in your pocket.

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  • Entertainment
    The Wrap

    Tim Curry’s 10 Most Memorable Roles, From ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ to ‘IT’ (Photos)

    Tim Curry’s Best Roles: From ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ to ‘IT’ British actor has played some of the beloved characters in film history across his illustrious career. TheWrap looks back on the iconic actor’s best roles “Rocky Horror Picture Show” (1975) The role that embedded Curry in pop culture history forever. This camp classic featured Curry as the sweetest transvestite the world has ever seen. “Annie” (1982) Curry again played the villain as Daniel “Rooster” Hannigan, who plotted to kidnap the poor orphan Annie along with his wicked sister, Agatha (Carol Burnett). “Clue” (1985) Curry played the fast-talking butler Wadsworth in this big screen adaptation of the classic board game. The all star cast also included Madeline Kahn and Martin Mull. “Legend” (1985) Curry got real dark real quick as the Lord of Darkness in this fantasy epic. He starred opposite Tom Cruise and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” standout Mia Sara. “Home Alone 2” (1992) Macaulay Culkin was no match for Curry as Mr. Hector, the concierge of the Plaza Hotel. “IT” (1990) Your childhood fear of clowns was no doubt reinforced when you saw this Stephen King adaptation. Curry played the demonic Pennywise, who fed on local children. Read original story Tim Curry’s 10 Most Memorable Roles, From ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ to ‘IT’ (Photos) At TheWrap

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  • Celebrity
    Yahoo Life

    Ashley Graham explains her revealing Instagram photos: 'I don't post myself half-naked to get the likes'

    The body-positive advocate opens up about being the role model that she wished she had.

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  • World
    Business Insider

    The bosses of the Suez Canal say the excavator operator who helped free the Ever Given is getting his overtime pay, plus a bonus

    After Insider interviewed Abdullah Abdul-Gawad, whose digger helped free the Ever Given, the Suez Canal Authority said he got his overtime.

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  • U.S.

    'Mortal Kombat' Video of SJ Sergeant Performing Baton Tricks Investigated by Internal Affairs

    A police sergeant who showed off his baton handling skills in a video set to music from the film "Mortal Kombat," is now under investigation by the San Jose Police Department's internal affairs office. Sgt. Eddie Chan can be seen performing martial arts moves with two police batons. This selfie video landed @SanJosePD Sgt. Eddie Chan in the Internal Affairs Dept.

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  • Celebrity

    Alec Baldwin’s Daughter Ireland Flashes a Cheeky Smile While Showing Off New Butt Tattoo in a Bikini Photo

    Ireland Baldwin definitely marches to the beat of her own drum. Alec Baldwin’s 25-year-old daughter is not afraid to show some skin, post some sexy pictures, and speak her mind. Although the father and daughter have had a bit of a rocky relationship, it seems that they have started to put the past behind them. […]

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