• No, Megyn Kelly Should Not Have Worn That Dress

    Megyn Kelly reported on the Republican National Convention while wearing a spaghetti strap dress. The internet went crazy: people saying she was inappropriately dressed and people saying we should all shut up about her dress because you go girl, or whatever. Here's the deal: Society has norms, and when you go against those norms you're going to get backlash. There's a reason that employees at Target wear khaki pants and red shirts, and the cashier at Burger King wears a uniform and a reason you put on a suit when you go for a job interview. Your clothing is a symbol that indicates who you are. You don't see emo teens wearing pink party dresses, and you don't see biker gangs wearing tuxedos. Everyone

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  • When the going gets tough. Why Get a Loan From Us?

    We keep the tough going with 2,300 convenient locations, 6,500 helpful employees & a 97% customer satisfaction rating. Talk about strength in numbers.

  • Coroner refuses to release final autopsies in Pike County killings

    WAVERLY - Pike County Coroner Dr. David Kessler now has the final autopsy reports - which would include toxicology reports that would show potential drug use, and a host of other detailed information - in the homicides of the eight Rhoden family members who were shot to death in April. But authorities, including Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, in conflict with Ohio’s public record laws, refuse to release them. Kessler wrote in a news release this morning that legal counsel considers the autopsy reports "confidential law enforcement investigatory records,” and Kessler wrote that releasing them “might impede the criminal investigation or the families’ grieving process.” But Dennis Hetzel, executive

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  • ‘NCIS: New Orleans’: Zoe McLellan Won’t Be Back For Season 3

    Zoe McLellan, who played Special Agent Meredith “Merri” Brody on NCIS: New Orleans, will not be returning for Season 3, Deadline has confirmed. It was a creative decision, according to TVLine which broke the story. Her relationship with a Homeland Security agent compromised her position as a special agent. McLellan’s character’s exit clears for way for a new FBI special agent, (previously announced new series regular Vanessa Ferlito) to look into concerns about Agent Pride’s NCIS team. NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 premieres on September 20.

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  • Tom Wilhelmsen kicks all of the Pirates out of his bar after they refuse to pay tab

    Baseball, like all sports, is a team game. Baseball, like other sports, can sometimes be taken over by just one player who wills their squad to victory. For the Seattle Mariners, for so many years, that player was Felix Hernandez, who would put the team on his back and try and drag them kicking and screaming to a 1-0 victory. Saying Happy Felix Day doesn’t ring necessarily as loudly and as enthusiastically as it once used to. Don’t get me wrong, I still love seeing the King take the mound, but he is a different King this year. And from the get go of the game, it looked like he was going to be a bad king who needs to be overthrown. The Pirates jumped out to a quick and tidy three run lead in the

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  • Bill’s desperate bid to humanize Hillary shows fear she might lose

    Here’s a fact to chew on: Much of Day Two at the convention was spent trying to humanize Hillary Clinton. After 25 years in public life, she feels the need to tell us she cares. A parade of speakers warmed up the crowd by telling stories about her compassion, some of it very long ago. Getting money for New Yorkers after 9/11, helping children get health insurance, securing health care for veterans. This being a coronation, the circumstances grew in grandeur with each telling, until they made her sound like Mother Teresa. She’s so profoundly kind and tireless and honest and so full of grace, “she defies gravity.” But wait, there’s more - she’s tough, too. Single-handedly, she practically made

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  • Build your next Adventure at Virginia Manor

    Eastern Loudoun County's most affordable choice in Ranch-Style living! From the low $500s.

  • Sexy cosplayers can make $200,000 a year at comic book conventions

    Scores of attractive women made their way to Comic Con in San Diego, Calif. last week to don skimpy cosplay outfits to entertain the convention’s superhero fans. Many do it just for fun, but for some it’s a job that pays well into the six figures. “In addition to a per diem and travel costs, popular professional cosplayers can make at least $5,000 to $10,000 a show,” comic book expert Christian Beranek told FOX411. “If you add in mail order sales, crowd funding contributions and YouTube ad revenue, the top talents are pulling in close to $200,000 a year.” “Boy Meets World” actress Maitland Ward has become one of the most popular cosplay stars. She said a "Star Wars" themed photo shoot she did

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  • Tennis Star Chris Evert Blames Menopause for Her Divorce from Olympian Andy Mill

    Tennis star Chris Evert spoke candidly about her marriage to Olympian Andy Mill, revealing that menopause played a part in their 2006 divorce. Although Evert, 61, didn’t go too far into the specifics during a Tuesday appearance on Lance Armstrong’s The Forward Podcast, she did hint that the hormonal changes associated with menopause had negative affects on her 18-year marriage. “We had a rough couple of years, because I married Greg Norman who was Andy’s friend,” she said.

  • Treasure Hunt in New Mexico Turns Deadly

    Authorities identified the remains of one of the thousands of treasure seekers hunting for two million dollars' worth of gold and jewels hidden by 85-year-old millionaire Forrest Fenn. For years now thousands of treasure hunters have been flocking to parts of the west in search at hidden treasure focus on one of those treasure hunters vanished earlier this year but we now know his faith.

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  • What do ordinary citizens in the Arab world really think about the Islamic State?

    July 27 at 5:00 AM What do ordinary Arabs think about the Islamic State? This spring, we added several questions to the standard battery of Arab Barometer surveys to find out. We asked a scientific sample of respondents in Tunisia, Jordan, Palestine, Algeria and Morocco the following questions: To what extent do you agree with the goals of the Islamic State; To what extent to do you support the Islamic State’s use of violence; and To what extent do you believe the Islamic State’s tactics are compatible with the teachings of Islam? Little support for the Islamic State The findings were stark: not many Arabs sympathize with the Islamic State. The percent agreeing with the Islamic State’s goals

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