• Boeing gives a sneak peek of the new 777X airplane cabin interior (Photos)

    Boeing revealed what the future passenger cabin will look like inside its new 777X wide body airplane during a live webcast on Wednesday. Passengers, aviation enthusiasts and even airline crews are going to love it, Boeing Commercial Airplanes Chief Interior Architect P.J. Wilcynski said. The 777X will include bigger windows that sit higher on the airplane fuselage, much bigger luggage storage bins above the seats, an overall roomier cabin and dramatically improved lighting.

  • Video shows group of women allegedly trying to attack food court employees after their credit card was declined

    A group of shoppers at the Galleria mall food court in Houston were captured on camera yelling and trying to jump the counter of Charleys Philly Steaks.

  • Blogger's Instagram versus reality bum post applauded by fans

    Blogger Lauren Curtis has shared an honest photo to help encourage women to love their bodies no matter what. Admitting it can be “crippling” to worry about our supposed “flaws”, Lauren posted three photos for her Instagram followers. “I usually only post photos of my best angles with the best lighting because I look at those photos and they make me feel good about myself,” Lauren wrote alongside the first photo showing off her pert derriere. “But it doesn’t mean I’m also not proud of my body when it doesn’t look like that.” She went on to share a side-by-side comparison photo of her bum - cellulite, stretch marks and all. “In the second photo I’m clenching my butt cheeks to demonstrate that I still have my fair share of cellulite….my stretch marks and lil spider veins,” she wrote. “I used to be so worried people would notice all these ‘flaws’ and it’s honestly crippling. “In reality we ALL have them to some degree and they do not matter.” Her fans have applauded the influencer for her truthful post, saying more people on social media should be this authentic. “I love this post so much,” one person commented. “This is going to help so many women feel more confident in their own skin. We need a lot more of this authenticity on social media.” “Thank you for sharing and also making myself and others realise to love our body no matter what shape,” another wrote. And she’s not the only one reminding us that behind every envy-inducing snap is real life, as the gallery below shows. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for non-stop inspiration delivered fresh to your feed, every day. For Twitter updates, follow @YahooStyleUK. Read more from Yahoo Style UK: Jameela Jamil apologises to fans for airbrushed photographs Nigella Lawson isn’t here to be edited: ‘Don’t airbrush my sticking out stomach’ Woman edits her image to show how the ‘perfect’ body has changed

  • Netflix original movie 'IO' practically begs you to cancel your subscription

    Netflix recently confirmed price hikes for its subscriptions to which I have a simple answer: "So what?" I've told you this before, but I still maintain the notion that Netflix is still very affordable, and you shouldn't cancel it just because you'll pay a few more dollars each month. Netflix is still probably a lot cheaper than what you spend on coffee each month. If you think of all the great content coming out of Netflix each year, there are plenty of Netflix TV shows that deserve your support. And Netflix needs to make money to put out great shows. But while it has plenty of hit TV shows on its hands, Netflix isn't doing so great when it comes to original movies. And titles like IO practically beg you to cancel the subscription -- before you go any further, you should know the following not-a-full-review contains plenty of spoilers for the film. Actually, on second thought... you might want to read this before investing your time in it. Launched on Friday, IO has a simple enough premise. We destroyed Earth and made it uninhabitable. Most people fled to space, seeking refuge near Jupiter's moon IO, and beyond, but some people stayed behind looking to fix it -- to make Earth great again. The trailer promises a rather fast-paced sci-fi film set in the near-future, with a couple of survivors ready to do whatever it takes to get on one of the last remaining shuttles that can ferry them to Jupiter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3GLhAumiec When you start watching the film, you'll realize the trailer was pretty misleading. Not only is there no fast-paced action, but the entire thing drags on to the point where you'll want to finish it just for the sake of having finished it. There's some excitement near the end, but it all feels rushed and incomplete. The trailer also suggests that Anthony Mackie has a much bigger role in the movie, which isn't the case. Micah (Mackie) isn't even a great supporting character. The film doesn't spend enough time building up the character so that we actually care about him. So there's nothing Mackie can do about it to fix the film. Margaret Qualley's character, Sam, is the star of the show. She's the daughter of a pro-Earth scientist who encourages people to stay behind. A scientist herself -- involved in a long-distance relationship with an engineer on IO -- she has a plan to save Earth. She keeps on dreaming right until the very end, even if that means deceiving Micah into thinking she'll follow him to space, and manipulating him into having sex so she can hopefully get pregnant. Sam is human. She's believable. She's someone you can relate to, especially under those circumstances. Micah, on the other hand, is a sperm donor with a chip on his shoulder, at best. The movie doesn't spend enough time on him to properly introduce him. He doesn't get a backstory that would explain his desire to leave the planet. Why did he stay on Earth? What are his qualities that would have helped him contribute in any way to advance human life on Earth? Did he survive by mistake? What grants him the right to fly to space? Who was his wife, and how did she die? How is it that he has a balloon that he can fly around the planet, but he wasn't able to secure food? We have no background on Micah, yet we must accept that he's supposed to be a hero that will save Sam, even though it's pretty clear she can take care of herself. The movie is so dull, and ultimately uninteresting, that, by the time it ends, you have no time to appreciate the great-but-totally-foreseeable message -- that humans have the power to fix their wrongdoings and turn Earth into a habitable planet, hopefully before the planet starts killing us. You'll want to move to something better. That is if you can even suffer through the whole thing in the first place. With all that in mind, IO is a mediocre movie that had plenty of potential. So please, Netflix, pretty please with a cherry on top, do not make this type of original content going forward. You know what I'm talking about: Films that have a few stars in them that should sell the movie (I did watch this because I'm a fan of Mackie), but that fail to deliver upon the initial excitement. Films with a small number of characters, dull plots, almost no dynamism, and austere sets. The whole thing looks like it had been shot in the week it was launched with whatever Netflix had on hand at the time. I'm not saying you can't make great movies featuring a limited number of characters, with the action set in a dystopian or post-cataclysmic Earth. Several examples come to mind, including Bird Box, which happens to be a Netflix original. I Am Legend is also a great example of a similar movie that I would watch again. The Book of Eli and Oblivion are also similar titles that come to mind. In any case, all these movies are a lot better than IO, as well as other recent Netflix creations. I still want to see the film the trailer promised, not what IO turned out to be. We've now got a series of Netflix titles that would have failed miserably in cinemas, in addition to IO \-- all movies I'd rather not have seen. The list includes The Titan, Extinction, and Annihilation -- the latter, however, is the best of them all and deserves more attention. All these sci-fi movies have the same things in common: Hollywood stars, great trailers, stories that have great potential, but poor overall execution and delivery. In other words, I'm all for paying Netflix more money each month just so I can keep streaming great shows and movies from home, especially original Netflix creations, but IO isn't a good example of what I want to pay for.