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  • Celebrity
    Travel Noire

    Model Criticized For Waving Thong Panties Mid-Flight

    When you think things can’t get wackier on flights, a model is facing backlash for waving her thong panties mid-flight.

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  • U.S.
    Lancaster Eagle-Gazette

    Woman sentenced to seven years in prison for unlawful sexual activity with teenage boys

    City woman sentenced to seven years in prison for unlawful sexual contact with several teenage boys

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  • Lifestyle

    This Bridesmaid Went Viral For Venting About Bachelorette Party Costs And It's A Movement

    "I find it odd that when someone decides to get married all the sudden all of the people close to them are responsible for their expenses."View Entire Post ›

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  • U.S.
    Fort Worth Star-Telegram

    Angler reels in ‘freaking scary’ fish in Texas marsh, photos show. It’s a rare beast

    The fish are prized among fisherman – but very few have seen one like this.

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  • World
    The Daily Beast

    Vladimir Putin’s Secret Grandchild Is a Zelensky, Says Report

    Jakub Dabrowski/ReutersAs is often the case with sisters, one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s alleged daughters is publicly defying him while the other is defending her daddy dearest. His supposed youngest daughter, Katerina Tikhonova—a dancer—has flown to Munich, Germany, more than 50 times in recent years, according to a report by Russian media outlet iStores and Germany’s Der Spiegel, which surely places her near the top of his list of “pro-West Russians” who he has dissed, saying “thei

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  • Science

    Octopuses torture and eat themselves after mating, and scientists finally know why

    Nature is made up of some amazing and intriguing creatures. Perhaps one of the most intriguing is the octopus. Some even believe they could be aliens. One mystery that has long evaded scientists is the octopus’s self-destruction after mating. For years, scientists have wondered why octopuses torture themselves after mating. Now, after all this time, … The post Octopuses torture and eat themselves after mating, and scientists finally know why appeared first on BGR.

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  • U.S.
    The Root

    “Don’t you have some fish to catch, African-American man?” says Santa Barbara Karen

    On a sunny day at The Boathouse, a Santa Barbara restaurant, a Karen decided to cause an unnecessary ruckus. In a five-minute video recording of the incident, the woman confronts the person recording, a Black man, and takes things to another level.

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