• Hollywood Tries to ID A-Lister Accused of Raping Corey Haim

    Forget Brad and Angelina - a much more sinister tabloid headline has captured Hollywood’s attention this week, and inspired grim, rampant speculation about whether a famous actor repeatedly raped a now-deceased child star. Radar Online last week published a bombshell report claiming to know the identity of a beloved male star who sexually abused an underage Corey Haim in the prime of his career. Haim died at age 38, of pneumonia, in 2010. The report, commonly referred to as a “blind item,” contends that the widely known entertainer and family man used his influence to commit the horrific acts - all part of a wider ring of alleged Hollywood pedophilia that Radar has been investigating for four years.

    San Francisco Chronicle
  • Some cities are taking another look at LED lighting after AMA warning

    If people are sleepless in Seattle, it may not be only because they have broken hearts. The American Medical Association issued a warning in June that high-intensity LED streetlights - such as those in Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, Houston and elsewhere - emit unseen blue light that can disturb sleep rhythms and possibly increase the risk of serious health conditions, including cancer and cardiovascular disease. The AMA also cautioned that those light-emitting-diode lights can impair nighttime driving vision. Similar concerns have been raised over the past few years, but the AMA report adds credence to the issue and is likely to prompt cities and states to reevaluate the intensity of LED lights they install.

    Washington Post
  • Father Charged with Murder of Honor Student Daughter

    A week before Daizsa Bausby's 19th birthday, her father Jerry K. Bausby was arrested and charged for her death, according to court records. Since Daizsa's mysterious death in March where she was discovered smothered to death inside a Kansas City motel room, friends and family members wondered who would want to hurt the honor student. On Thursday, 40-year-old Jerry Bausby appeared before a Jackson County judge, who entered a not guilty plea for Bausby, who is in the process of waiting for a defense attorney.

  • John Carpenter has some harsh words for Rob Zombie and his Halloween remake

    September 25, 2016 by It’s been almost ten years since Rob Zombie directed his remake of the horror classic Halloween, and now franchise creator John Carpenter has finally shared his opinion on the reinvention - and it turns out he’s not overly impressed by the film, nor Zombie himself for that matter. Speaking at the New York Film Academy (via iHorror), Carpenter discussed a Halloween documentary special, where he took exception to some comments made by Zombie. “He lied about me. He said that I was very cold to him when he told me that he was going to make [Halloween],” said the filmmaker. “Nothing could be further from the truth. I said, ‘Make it your own movie, man. This is yours now. Don’t

    Flickering Myth
  • Kevin Hart's Hilarious Impersonation of Dwayne Johnson Will Leave You in Tears

    A video posted by therock (@therock) on Sep 24, 2016 at 9:36pm PDT Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kevin Hart are having way too much fun on the set of Jumanji. On Sunday, the actors showed off their sweet bromance in a hilarious Instagram video. As Dwayne opted to catch a ride to his trailer after filming, Kevin just couldn't help but poke fun at the actor as he walked alongside his car. "😂 His final 'Rock impression' at the end kills me," the Fast 8 star wrote alongside the clip. "Luv this dude to death." Of course, this isn't the first time the two have impersonated each other. Back in July, the costars just couldn't keep it together when they mimicked each other's mannerisms during an interview.

  • Isaiah Washington tells African Americans to boycott work Monday

    Actor Isaiah Washington wants every single African American to boycott work on Monday. "No work. No school. No shopping for 24 hours," the former Grey's Anatomy star wrote on Facebook. "Imagine if every single African American in the United States that was really fed up with being angry, sad and disgusted, would pick ONE DAY to simply 'stay at home' from every single job, work site, sports arena and government office in the United States of America. I'm very sure that within 72 hours from Wall Street to the NFL...Black Lives Would Matter. September 26, 2016 is THE DAY." In his post, Washington used hashtags #RIPTerenceCrutcher #HandsUpDontShoot. Terence Crutcher, 40, was shot and killed by Tulsa

    USA Today
  • Multiple people shot by gunmen in Baltimore

    Eight people, including a three-year-old girl, were hurt in a shooting that Baltimore police called an act of “retaliatory violence” on Saturday night, authorities said. A spokesman of the Baltimore Police Department told reporters at a news conference that the shooting appeared to be in response to a fatal shooting on Labor Day that left one person dead and others injured. Police said the attack was “planned” and involved three shooters, two with handguns and one with a long gun that seemed to be a shotgun. Police said all the eight victims were expected to recover from their injuries. Further details were not immediately available on the shooting or identities of the shooters. A separate shooting in Baltimore on Saturday left two people with non-life-threatening injuries, police said. (Reuters) See more news-related photo galleries and follow us on Yahoo News Photo Tumblr.

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  • Hoarder may not have known son’s corpse was in her home

    The elderly Brooklyn woman found this month living with the skeletal remains of her son, possibly for as long as 20 years, is a legally blind hoarder who may not have even known he was there, NYPD sources said. The chilling discovery of the skeleton was made Sept. 15 when a relative showed up at Rita Wolfensohn’s Midwood home to fetch her belongings and take them to her in the hospital. In a debris-choked second-floor bedroom, sister-in-law Josette Buchman found a “completely intact” skeleton, dressed in jeans, socks and a shirt, lying on its back on a thin mattress on the floor, police sources told The Post. “It’s like some reverse ‘Psycho’ scene,” a law-enforcement source said at the time, referring to Hitchcock’s 1960 horror flick in which a son, Norman Bates, keeps his dead mother’s remains in a basement.

    New York Post
  • Trump basks in glow of 'wonderful' Cruz endorsement as former supporters blast

    Proving politics really does make for strange bedfellows, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump warmly embraced the endorsement of his former rival, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, even as many of the latter's supporters denounced the move. Late Friday, Cruz shocked the political establishment by publicly backing Trump, only months after he pointedly declined to do so in a prime time speech at the GOP Convention and after a barrage of personal attacks appeared to poison the well between the two. Even as a number of Cruz supporters denounced the move, Trump wasted little time in basking in the endorsement, calling it "a wonderful surprise" in a tweet early Saturday, and predicted a victory in November's election.