12 mother-daughter tattoos that are matching and meaningful

Mother-daughter tattoos almost always have a meaningful story behind the body art. Much like the bond between a mother and daughter, matching tattoos last forever. Need inspiration? Read on for mother-daughter tattoos and the stories behind them.

Meredith and Samara Ritchie of Dix Hills, New York, got matching mother-daughter tattoos last year. The duo’s meaningful tattoos are also unique — they both have a pie inked onto their ribcage.

“I always wanted a tattoo,” Samara Ritchie tells TODAY.com. "I admire them, it’s like a piece of art and a permanent reminder of something significant,” she says. She knew wanted to get her first tattoo with her mom, who has other ink already, including one that matches with her son.

mother-daughter tattoos (Courtesy Meredith and Samara Ritchie)
mother-daughter tattoos (Courtesy Meredith and Samara Ritchie)

Meredith’s nickname for her daughter — Samari-pie — was the inspiration behind the pie tattoos. They thought of it while sitting in an Applebee’s when Meredith was visiting her daughter at college. “I’d had a rough first semester adjusting [to college],” Samara Ritchie says. “I wanted something on me to remind me she’s [her mom] is always with me.”

“It just clicked for both of us when I said, ‘what about a pie?’” Meredith Ritchie says.

Even TODAY’s very own Savannah Guthrie wants a matching mother-daughter tattoo with her mom. She told Drew Barrymore in 2022, “I’m copying someone, actually, that I work with. She had her mom’s handwriting lightly done, like yours is, and her mom wrote, ‘Love you more,’ because that’s what they say to each other. So, I would like something cool, like that, of my mom.”

While Gutherie’s mom hasn’t yet gotten a tattoo with her famous daughter, TODAY anchor did get a tattoo of her late dad’s writing with the phrase “all my love.”

“This is an exact carbon copy of my father’s handwriting,” she said. “‘All my love.’ He wrote a love letter to my mom and this is his writing. And, so that’s the first time in my life, I’m 51 years old, that I’ve had a tattoo, that I ever wanted a tattoo. And it’s not only his writing, so he’s with me, but I’m trying to make it my mantra for life.”

Mother-daughter tattoos

Another idea to consider is coordinating your mother-daughter tattoos instead of getting exact replicas. That’s what Patti and Emily Kapla did when mom Patti needed open heart surgery. Patti Kapla had been considering a tattoo for some time, but it had to be “something significant,” she tells TODAY.com. Her successful surgery proved to be just that. “I dodged a big bullet,” she says.

mother-daughter tattoos (Courtesy Patti and Emily Kapla)
mother-daughter tattoos (Courtesy Patti and Emily Kapla)

Unlike her mom, Emily never wanted a tattoo, so it needed to be discreet. “It’s super small and took no time at all,” Emily Kapla tells TODAY.com. While Emily’s tattoo is of a heartbeat, Patti’s is a heart and a heartbeat. Though Patti lives in Delray Beach, Florida, and Emily in New York City, the tattoo is a reminder that “my mom is my best friend,” she said.

There are many more examples of coordinated mother-daughter tattoos on Instagram to inspire a meaningful tattoo with mom.

Shared-interest tattoos

Do you and your mom share a love of reading? Or perhaps you and mom connect over beautiful flowers. Whatever the passion, matching mother-daughter tattoos can show the world the bond you share.

Simple sayings

Sometimes, a few words speak volumes and make for unique and meaningful mother-daughter matching tattoos.

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