Your Eyeliner Questions Answered

Bobbi Brown
·Editor in Chief

Hi Bobbi!

When lining your eyes, should you ever line the inner rim? When should you line the entire eye versus just a top or bottom liner?



Dear Danielle,

When you are lining the inner rim, it can end up making the eye look smaller. Although, I sometimes add an inner liner to a smoky eye, for a more intense effect. For everyday, line just the top lid to make your eyes stand out more.

Xo Bobbi

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Dear Bobbi,

I have very dark skin, what color eyeliner should I be using? I feel like black liner doesn’t really show up, should I try another color?



Dear Angela,

A very dark brown shade, such as a rich espresso is really beautiful on all skin types.

Xo Bobbi

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Dear Bobbi,

What type of eyeliner do you recommend for a cat eye? I want something really precise that is easy to use!



Dear Ellie,

Both a gel and a long wear pencil will work for this. You’ll be the most precise with a gel, especially if you are using a precision eyeliner brush.

Xo Bobbi

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