This woman did a 'Not My Arms' challenge makeup tutorial with her boyfriend, and it's pretty hilarious

Lauren Frank tried the “Not My Arms” challenge with her boyfriend on Facebook, and the results are hilarious and messy. (Photo: LP Beauty/Facebook)
Lauren Frank tried the “Not My Arms” challenge with her boyfriend on Facebook, and the results are hilarious and messy. (Photo: LP Beauty/Facebook)

Lauren Frank didn’t have the highest hopes when she agreed to let her boyfriend do her makeup (without being able to see anything), but he promised her he’d try not to make a mess of her face.

Frank, an independent presenter for Younique Cosmetics, is doing a 90-day live challenge on Facebook, and her latest stunt was the “Not My Arms” challenge in which her boyfriend, Hank, did her makeup. The result wasn’t the prettiest, but it was hilarious.

“I really wanted him to be a part of one of my live videos,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “He hadn’t ever really wanted to go live with me because he never felt comfortable with it. He said he would do it if his face didn’t have to be in it so I thought the ‘Not My Arms’ challenge would be perfect.”

If you’ve never heard of this challenge before, it’s the same trick you did with a friend as kids where you hide your own arms and they stand behind you and stick their arms out in front of you as if they’re yours. And then you both try to make it look like nothing was amiss and that those are just your arms flailing about.

Frank and her boyfriend brought the stunt to life in a video that’s now amassed more than 16,000 views. The couple somehow kept this going for 45 minutes, during which Frank drank wine, talked to her viewers, and, of course, did a makeup tutorial. “Before the live started, we both said and agreed that he was going to actually try to do a good job, and not just purposely make my look terrible,” Frank shares with Yahoo Lifestyle. “I was really unsure of what my makeup was going to turn out like, and I was really unsure of whether or not the video would even be funny.”

Well, she had some idea, as she’s done the Not My Arms challenge on Facebook Live before with a girlfriend. That time was definitely cleaner, but not by a lot.

“I think he killed the hand motions, but not so much the makeup,” she says of boyfriend Hank’s attempt.

We’d have to agree. In the video, Hank almost spilled a tube of liquid eyeliner, put eyeshadow and eyebrow pencil on her forehead and cheeks, stabbed her with a brush, and put lipstick around her mouth and nose. “I’m trying to look like Kylie Jenner — I want the really plump lips,” Lauren said in the video when Hank accidentally applied lipstick to her upper lip. “Hank is gonna love this look,” she joked.

The best part is that Hank seemed to be trying really hard to find all the parts of her face, especially when it came time to apply mascara to Lauren’s eyelashes. “You can have a look like this, too,” Lauren said at the end of the video. “All you have to do is rewatch this video; it’s a full tutorial. It’s gonna go viral probably.” She was right about that.

When she finally shows Hank his creation, his reaction is, “Oh, my God… That looks so good… I did so good.” Clearly, he’s kidding.

While Frank definitely would have done a better job herself considering she posts makeup tutorials regularly, she doesn’t consider herself an expert yet. “I am not a makeup artist by any means, but I am trying to become better!”

Well, she could outdo Hank with her eyes closed.

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