Makeup artist re-creates bride's wedding makeup for Alopecia Awareness Month

Jacqueline Laurean Yates
Kylie Bamberger is celebrating Alopecia Awareness Month in a big way. (GIF: DressYourFace/Instagram)
Kylie Bamberger is celebrating Alopecia Awareness Month in a big way. (GIF: DressYourFace/Instagram)

September is Alopecia Awareness Month, and people are celebrating in more ways than one. One form of celebration, which has already grabbed a lot of attention from makeup lovers, has come by way of two incredible women: makeup artist Tamanna Roashan and model Kylie Bamberger.

Kylie Bamberger, who has alopecia, went viral in April for going wigless on her wedding day — she teamed up with makeup artist Tamanna Roashan, known as @dressyourface, on social media to re-create her wedding day makeup and pay homage to all those with alopecia.

Roashan shared the finished video on Instagram as a part of her annual Alopecia Awareness Month “Bald Is Beautiful” makeover series — which she has been doing for five years. During the quick clip, we see Bamberger go from a full face of makeup and a wig to wearing no makeup and being wigless — it showcases how stunning she looks both made up and au naturel. The accompanying caption includes an endearing note, “Featuring my beautiful alopecia model @kyliebamberger.” The video has since garnered more than 650,000 views and over 900 comments.

Viewers of the video were so in love that they left a flood of comments such as, “She is GORGEOUS and u did your magic”; “She is so pretty god bless that girl”; and “BEAUTIFUL with and without makeup!”

This dynamic duo’s collaboration was actually a while in the making as Bamberger reached out to Roashan nearly a year ago, after she noticed Roashan’s great makeup work with those who have alopecia. She never really expected to get a response, but she was dead wrong. “She messaged me back immediately. We scheduled a date and filmed all within a couple weeks,” the 28-year-old model shares with Yahoo Lifestyle. “I wrote her again this year to see about doing it again, and sure enough, she chimed right back for a second video. She’s so kind and dedicated to help raise awareness. This year we decided to do a bridal look, to change it up from last year’s full glam look.”

Bamberger says she was floored by how beautifully the look turned out, pointing out details the casual viewer might easily forget; like, for instance, the fact that even the eyebrows on her made-up face aren’t her own. “Her skills are unmatched,” Bamberger tells Yahoo Lifestyle of Roashan. “Simply with respect to creating eyebrows on a face that has none. Something that’s so difficult for so many, she perfects with ease, and also gives detailed demonstrations, educating others on how to re-create the same. Both looks that she’s created have been utterly fabulous.”

Bamberger continues, “Once the initial shock wore off, I understood that I had to use this opportunity to help raise awareness for the millions of women affected by hair loss. It doesn’t get the attention it deserves, and when key influencers like Tamanna [Roashan] are involved, it’s bound to be pretty incredible.”

Grateful. That is all.

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Bamberger is passionate about making others feel comfortable in their own skin as well as giving back. She often demonstrates this passion through public speaking engagements, volunteering at Children’s Alopecia Project, organizing small events for children with alopecia on top of working full-time for a company her mother started 30 years ago that imports British food into the United States.

Mexico and I get along jussst fine

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For those looking to find the confidence that Bamberger exudes, the Los Angeles-based newlywed shares that in her experience acceptance takes time. “It took me years to understand how to accept my hair loss,” she says. “I was holding on so tight to the past, to hoping one day my hair would grow back, that I never actually came to terms with my current situation. Once I began to love what makes me unique instead of hiding it, I found that others loved me as well. It was all about using my difference to make a difference. I wanted to use my experiences as a tool to help others facing the same challenges.”

#ootd : confidence. It's contagious.

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