This is why Kim Kardashian's makeup artist goes makeup-free

Makeup artist to the Kardashians Mario Dedivanovic has become quite the celebrity himself. (Photo: courtesy of Mario Dedivanovic)
Makeup artist to the Kardashians Mario Dedivanovic has become quite the celebrity himself. (Photo: courtesy of Mario Dedivanovic)

Keeping up with the Kardashians is hard to do, especially when one of them is sure to make headlines for a relationship, pregnancy, or slaying a look on any given day of the week. But if there’s one person who can do it, it’s Mario Dedivanovic.

The celebrity makeup artist is behind many of the headlines that praise the ever-evolving beauty looks of the Kardashian sisters. However, there’s much more to his job than it may seem. Whether traveling around the world with his No. 1 client, Kim Kardashian West, or headlining his own makeup Master Class, Dedivanovic is one of the busiest professionals in the beauty industry — and he spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle about how he manages to keep it together.

A day in the life: “I wake up very early and check all my emails and social media. I go to the gym if I have time and then I go to work. Sometimes I’ll be on a photo shoot, sometimes a press day with my celebrity clients, or sometimes it’s a work day with one of my brand clients. After work, I usually come home and then go out for dinner and start all over again the next day.”

Indulging in self-care: “I love to start a day off by taking OLLY’s Perfect Men’s Multi vitamins and Flawless Complexion vitamins. It makes me feel like I am taking good care of myself. I also enjoy a spa day and love getting massages. Before bed I also take one of OLLY’s Restful Sleep vitamins to make sure I get a good night’s sleep — they really help.”

Bouncing back after spending so much time on the go: “After traveling, I try to catch up on my sleep, especially if I’m in different time zones. Physically, I try to make sure I squeeze in a workout when my schedule allows it. Going to the gym or working with a trainer helps to relieve stress and help boost my energy levels.”

The things that aren’t worth sacrificing: “I always make time for my family. No matter how busy or what time zone I’m in, I am constantly keeping in touch with my family. When I am in [New York City], I spend a lot of time with my family, which also helps to decompress. Also, a power nap! I love to nap for 10 to 15 minutes if I have a little break!”

Tips and tricks from clients: “I like to spray tan a lot, so one of my clients taught me to use exfoliating wipes to really get the blotchiness of the old tan off before applying a new layer.”

What people don’t know: “Personally, I think they would be surprised at how simple my own ‘beauty’ routine is. Unlike many artists, I don’t personally wear makeup, rather I stick to very basic skin care. As for the life of an A-list celebrity makeup artist, I feel that people think it’s incredibly glamorous and there certainly are aspects of it that are — we stay in nice hotels and we fly first-class — but we have a grueling schedule and we are constantly living out of a suitcase. We have many 12-to-16-hour shoot days on our feet and we carry around heavy luggage daily. We don’t have consistency in our lives, and it really is a tough job at times that takes a certain kind of strong person to do it and do it well.”

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