What's the Best Holiday Travel Tip You've Ever Heard?

Photo:  Oregon Department of Transportation, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Oregon Department of Transportation, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Next week is Thanksgiving, meaning we’re all coming up on the worst travel day of the year. Freezing temperatures, hours of traffic, the possibility of snow long before anyone’s put their snow tires on — it sucks. Holiday travel sucks! There has to be some way to make it better.

Today, we’re searching for those ways. The tips and tricks that make your holiday travel easier, or — dare I say — fun. Somewhere along the way, through all the years of your life, someone must have given you holiday travel advice that stuck with you. What was it?

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A line of cars, stuck in the snow
A line of cars, stuck in the snow

Over the past day, I’ve gotten a lot of travel advice. After revealing my plans to stock up on heated winter motorcycle gear and head out to visit family from the seat of my dinky little single-cylinder BMW, I had plenty of friends and coworkers reach out with their own tips. Mostly, they all boiled down to “You are a fool, take the train,” and y’know what? They’re right.

As a proud numtot, I’ll recommend that you take trains as well, if you can. Trains rarely get stuck in traffic, they don’t slip and slide around on low-grip tires in inclement weather — and they certainly aren’t offering themselves up as targets for other low-traction drivers to careen off of. Holiday travel is often more work than it is fun — let the conductor do that work for you, while you grab yourself a good book.

That’s the best holiday travel advice I’ve gotten: take the train. But what’s yours? What tips and tricks have you been given, to turn the Thanksgiving travel slog into something a little more enjoyable? Leave your best picks in the comments, and we’ll collect our favorite answers tomorrow.

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