Vital Spa celebrates a year on Bridge Street

Apr. 26—ASHTABULA — Vital Spa on Bridge Street celebrated its one-year anniversary with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday afternoon.

"It's been a great addition," said Ashtabula Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Greg Church. "It's exciting to be here to celebrate a year. What better day to do it than to celebrate not just beginnings, but a full year of success?"

Family and friends came out to support owners Bailey Seacrist and Alex Asteinza.

Their vision for the spa is for it to be an oasis for people escaping their busy day-to-day lives.

Asteinza said that it's not just transactional for them. Most of their clients are regulars and they come in with a plan.

"We keep notes on what their issues and goals are," Asteinza said. "We try to cater their treatment to whatever they're wanting to improve upon."

Some of the services they offer are facials, massages, float therapy and sauna sessions.

Float therapy is something unique that they wanted to bring to this area.

"It helps with relaxation, body recovery and muscle pains," Asteinza said. "You can close the hatch and shut both the lights and sound off. We are constantly overstimulated, so it's nice to give your brain a rest. An hour in there is equivalent to five hours of restorative sleep."

Seacrist said the neighboring businesses on Bridge Street and the community have been very supportive.

"It's very serene," said Bob Yeigh, a volunteer at Classic Finds in the Harbor. "They do a very good job of making a very relaxing environment."

"Everyone deserves ten, 15 [minutes], one hour of treating themselves nicely," said Harbor Gardens owner T Gallo. "I love that they have a sauna. It's lovely and everyone there is lovely. I really believe in the power of taking care of yourself as overall holistic healthcare. As a nurse by trade, I want people to feel good inside and out."