Train Carrying Jeeps Derails in Ohio

Screenshot:  Spectrum News
Screenshot: Spectrum News

A freight train derailed Tuesday evening in Ravenna Township, Ohio, according to authorities. On the train there appeared to be at least two (2) new Jeeps, now possibly headed for the crusher. Authorities said no one was injured in the incident.

According a story in the Record-Courier, which I used to deliver as a young boy, 22 train cars derailed. Lots of rock salt also got spilled, but apparently nothing hazardous. Crews were at the scene last night and on Wednesday conducting a big clean-up.

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[Norfolk Southern] said Wednesday that the train was heading from Bellevue to Conway, Pennsylvania, and had 237 cars and four engines.

The train was carrying a variety of freight, but the involved cars are predominantly autoracks (which carry vehicles) and hoppers carrying rock salt. The railroad said 22 of those cars derailed but did not have an estimate of how long the cleanup would take.

The reporter also spoke to a Local Man:

A resident of Timber Run, which intersects South Prospect Street just west of the scene, gathered to watch with about a dozen others opposite the site and described what he heard.

“It sounded like a plane was about to crash into our houses,” he said, adding he was told the derailment involved cars hauling motor vehicles.

Local station WKYC also spoke to a delightful local man — possibly the same one — who witnessed the incident. He said that his boat had been destroyed in the derailment, and that he is excited to get a check from the railroad for it:

No injuries reported after Ravenna Township train derailment

A photo from the scene — up top — shows at least two Jeeps, a four-door Wrangler and what I’m pretty sure is a Gladiator. I emailed Jeep to see if they had any more information about the incident and to see if more Jeeps were involved, but they did not immediately reply. I will update this blog if they do.

Update, November 3, 8:07 a.m.: A Jeep spokesperson sent along the following statement.

Stellantis is aware of the railcar derailment in Ohio today and confirms that there were Jeep vehicles on board. As the incident is still under investigation and the site is being cleared, we are not confirming how many vehicles were involved. When we have additional information, the Jeep brand will reach out to any impacted customers directly and work to replace vehicles as quickly as possible.

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