Todd and Julie Chrisley's Lawyer Speaks Out on State of their Marriage in Prison

After rumors of Todd and Julie Chrisley heading for divorce amid their respective prison sentences, the Chrisley Knows Best alums' lawyer squashed the gossip, noting that the experience has only made their love stronger.

"I can assure you that in no way are Todd and Julie moving toward divorce. In fact, I can confirm that Julie is more in love with Todd today than ever," said Jay Surgent to Radar Online.

The attorney added, "Tragedy and pain, suffering and hardship, have a way of binding people together in ways that triumph and victory are unable to achieve. There is something about experiencing painful and difficult times together that just has a way of forging a bond that is unbreakable."

He also shared an update on how Julie is handling her years away from her spouse.

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"Julie desperately misses Todd. She makes statements like she wishes she could just be there to make sure he is eating or wishes she could just check on him and make sure he is okay," noted Surgent.

As for how Todd feels about his wife, Surgent says he "is madly in love with Julie. His first questions on each call are about her and her wellbeing."

Radar Online noted that the rumor began through a National Enquirer report, which alleged that Julie was "through with" Todd after 27 years of marriage. Their daughter Savannah recently denied the claims, writing in an Instagram Story that Julie "has not hired counsel. If she did, it would have gone through me. So, that whole story is a lie."

The couple will get to reunite sooner than expected, as their prison release dates were moved up last month. Todd will now only serve 10 years instead of 12, expected to get out on January 22, 2033. Julie is scheduled for release on October 19, 2028, a shorter sentence than her original 7-year one.

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