T.J. Maxx Is Selling a Vintage-Inspired Set of Beaded Ice Cream Glasses for $10, and It's Similar to a 4-Piece Williams Sonoma Style Almost 12x the Price

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Aside from the face-palm-inducing revelation that it’s pronounced sherbet and not "sherbert," it might also surprise you to know that the fruity, delicious frozen treat isn’t typically dairy-free. Shocking, right? Although you won’t find as much milk or cream as you will in a traditional custard or ice cream base, it’s worth keeping in mind just in case you happen to be sensitive to lactose.

But with summer quickly approaching and temperatures making their inevitable stratospheric climb, it might be hard to turn down a heaping scoop of refreshing sherbet—dairy-laden or not. And isn’t summer all about throwing caution to the wind, anyway? Not to be confused with its equally fruit-forward cousin sorbet—which is made by blending ice and fruit juice until smooth—the bright and tangy summer treat is a warm weather staple.

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Whether you enjoy sherbet on its own or prefer to mix it with Sprite, ginger ale or 7UP to make what’s loosely referred to as “punch” in the South (if you know, you know), there’s no wrong way to enjoy the frozen delicacy. Of course, if you do choose to devour the sweet confection in its unadulterated form, you might find yourself in need of a dish to enjoy it out of. And what better place to find sherbet’s perfect companion vessel than the maximal wonderland that is T.J. Maxx?


Known quite literally to have something for everyone, the fan-favorite retailer just added a beautiful set of vintage-inspired Medallion Sherbet Cups by Cupcakes and Cashmere, and they’re just as vibrant as the technicolor scoops of sherbet (or sorbet) you’re sure to be enjoying this summer. Each tangerine orange goblet-shaped cup features intricate and ornate dotted detailing around the bowl and a whimsical bubble-shaped stem. The cups are also made of BPA-free acrylic, so it’s best to skip the dishwasher and hand wash these to ensure they last as long as possible.

Cost-wise, the 2-piece set will only set you back $9.99, which works out to about $5 per cup (and much cheaper than this lookalike version at Williams Sonoma). At a price that great, you could grab an additional set to create a 4-pack—and you’ll still have plenty of cash left over to stop by Walmart and grab the returning Dr. Pepper x Bluebell collab. All we ask is that you save a scoop (or two) for us.

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