If You See a Blue Jay, Here's the True, Unexpected Significance of Them Appearing in Your Life

Blue Jay on a tree branch with autumn leaves around it

Blue Jays are beautiful, yet squawky birds that live mostly in the eastern and central U.S. They are lovers of acorns, seeds and nuts (mine especially love peanuts!), and are known to catch the eye of observers thanks to their gorgeous color. 

There are plenty of these striking birds in nature, so if you see one while out and about, you may think of it as just a random sighting. However, many people believe that Blue Jay's spiritual meaning is a good omen.

Anything in life that makes you take notice, or repeats itself (like angel numbers, for example), is worth your acknowledgement. So, a Blue Jay that appears in your dreams or real life, or shows up while scrolling social media may have more significance and symbolism than you initially realize. Plus, the more you see them, the more you need to be paying attention; the universe is trying to get your attention!

According to animal communicator and psychic Nancy Mello, "A Blue Jay symbolizes your own intuition and your own spiritual energy. It can be used by your spirit guides to show you that you are on the right track in life."

Characteristics of a Blue Jay

Blue Jays mate for life and are great symbols of commitment and steadfastness. It is hard to tell the male and female apart—except when watching them keenly in their natural habitat—because they are identical in size and coloring.

A mid-sized bird that can reach up to 13 inches in length. It flies silently, but you definitely know when one is perched nearby with its loud "call" that reaches long distances. 

Not everything is as you hear it though. The Jay can also be a little trickster by mimicking other predatory bird "calls" like that of a Red-Shouldered Hawk or Red-Tailed Hawk.

One of the coolest things about the Blue Jay is that it has a food "cache" that it can carry extra food in for themselves, mates or babies.

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What Blue Jays symbolize

Blue Jays have a keen intuition and awareness of their surroundings. It only makes sense that the same words that describe them, are what they symbolize for you, should one appear in your presence. 

So, if this beautiful bird pops up in your life, you may be living with "blinders" on. Take a minute to take a life inventory and really see what is going on around you.

Mello also believes that when a loved one emerges spiritually, they may come in many forms, including a bird.

"They are used by our passed loved ones because [Blue Jays] can be a bit loud and gregarious and are harder to ignore," she explains.

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5 spiritual meanings behind the Blue Jay

Clearing life's obstacles can be no easy task, yet when a Blue Jay appears, have no fear—they are there to gently nudge you in the right direction.

Seeing a Blue Jay is "calling" on you to have even the tiniest bit of faith that you can handle anything that comes your way. And if a loved one is behind the bird's appearance, then you really have no worries. Here are five spiritual meanings behind the Blue Jay:

1. Confidence is within reach

Blue Jays are characters, and you too, can be a lively, talkative person, full of positive energy.

2. It's time to prioritize what really matters

When it comes to the two most important things in life to a Blue Jay (food and family), the birds are unfaltering. If you put forth the effort, you too, can stand tall and strong for those things in your life most important to you.

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3. You're stronger than you think

Strong and resilient, Jays are capable of just about anything they set out to do. Seeing one is a reminder to you that you have that same strength and capability inside of you as well.

4. You may need to analyze your relationships

At times, Blue Jays may pretend to be something they are not, but that is all in a guise to protect themselves and their family. They mate for life, and if you are questioning relationships of your own, take some notes of what is important and necessary. Strengthen those that are needed and move forward from those that are not.

5. Life is not all about work

This symbol is a reminder to shake loose and have a bit of fun in your life. A joke, or light-hearted prank every now and again, can make whatever ails you just a little easier to endure.

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Blue Jay tattoo meaning

Blue Jays appear often throughout history—including in Greek mythology and Native American culture. Folklore from some tribes believed that Blue Jays could communicate with the spirit world—often acting as a liaison of sorts between the living and dead.

Because of this, the Blue Jay became a popular choice for tattoos for those needing a little help with their life journey.

Today, the vibrant colors and boldness of the Blue Jay make it a striking choice for anyone wanting an eye-catching tattoo.

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Is a Blue Jay a good omen?

Seeing a Blue Jay could be a sign you need to evaluate your closest relationships and trust your intuition. 

Also, just like their slight aggressiveness in nature, Blue Jays' presence in life will chase away negative energy that may try to knock you off course.

What to do if you keep seeing Blue Jays

Pay attention! 

Mello explains, "If you continue to see Blue Jays, I often point my clients to that being a passed loved one sending you a sign that they are around and safe and sound, and they won't be ignored."

If you keep seeing a Blue Jay, there may be something in life that you are not picking up on. Sit back and think. What is happening right now—anything big? Anything you've been unsure of? Could someone be visiting you?

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If you see a Blue Jay feather

Feathers on a Blue Jay are mostly blue, with a touch of white on the tip, while a black horizontal pattern breaks up the blue a bit, depending on where the feather came off of the bird.

Just like repeating numbers and finding pennies, unique Blue Jay feathers, when found, can symbolize a message of hope from a loved one to those in need of a positive jostle in the right direction.

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If you see two Blue Jays

Well, you might think that if one Blue Jay denotes favorable circumstances, then two would mean double the luck.

And you would be right!

Loved ones are likely trying to get your attention, and Mello says that if one didn't get your attention, maybe two will.

"It's almost like, "You can keep ignoring me, but I will keep showing up and being loud, so you know I'm here," she explains.

Seeing two Blue Jays at the same time may also signify the fulfillment or transformation of your strongest wishes.

If a Blue Jay appears in your dreams

Sweet Blue Jay dreams may represent peace and harmony coming into your future.

Mello, who is always making animal communication videos on TikTok and Instagram, tells Parade, "Dreaming of a Blue Jay is always a wonderful sign, because it points to your inner core of not only what matters most, but what's around you." 

Blue Jays in dreams signal you to trust yourself. When life throws you down, look within yourself; perseverance prevails.

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