45+ Non-Cringey Matching Tattoo Ideas for You and Your Boo

Have you ever wanted permanent ink with your partner? While a marriage document might seem pretty forever, there really isn't a showing of commitment to your lover like dedicated tattoos. But a lot of couple tattoos are cringey, ugly or involve putting each other's names on your bodies. While sweet, what if you wanted a matching tattoo with your boyfriend or girlfriend that wasn't obviously a couples tattoo?

We've got you covered. Whether you're searching for a small matching tattoo for you and your significant other or you want something unique, these 45+ non-cringey matching couples tattoos from TikTok will do the trick.

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45+ Matching Tattoos That Aren't Cringey

Couples Birth Flower Bouquets

Did you know that everyone has a birth flower, similar to how we all have different birthstones based on the month you were born? Well, we do! And if you love the look of floral tattoos, this idea is the perfect way to commemorate you and your partner in a subtle way.

You take each of your birth flowers, get an artist to do a gorgeous botanical tattoo artwork of it and now you and your partner have a couples tattoo that is also gorgeous.

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1. April x July

2. August x September

3. May x Feb

4. Jan x March

Tattoo Designs for Weird Couples

These are more niche and hit on couples who are silly and don't take ink too seriously. But some of them are actually quite cool too.

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5. Matching avocado figures with different weapons

6. Cartoon ghosts sharing a pizza

7. "The Devil" and "The Fool" portraits

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Matching But Different Couple Tattoos

So we did promise matching tattoos, but what about matching couples' tattoos that aren't quite the same? These two TikTok videos show several tattoo ideas that use the concept of playing off each other.

Maybe one person has one item and their significant other has the matching item. See? Not exactly matching tattoos, but they pair together. So that when you're apart, the tattoos help you think of each other. And when you're with your lover, the tattoos reunite together just like you two do!

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8. Joint and lighter

9. Scorpions making a heart

10. Grenade and an explosion

11. Smoking Playboy bunnies

12. Close-up faces kissing

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13. Two roses, one with a dagger and the other with a snake

14. Skeletons sharing their hearts "I'll look after it"

15. Two faces with butterfly masks, "I see things different now"

16. "ily" flip phones with heart charms

17. King and Queen cards with daggers

Minimalistic, Simple Tattoo Ideas for Relationships

The title says it all; if you want a matching tattoo that is simple, not very flashy or just minimalistic, these tats do the trick. And don't worry; initial tattoos are not the same as name tattoos and can easily be chic if you want them to be.

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18. Hovering hands with a heart between them

19. "Just love"

20. Pinkie promise

21. Finger guns with hearts coming out

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22. Unlit and lit matches

23. Matching moth people

24. Dandelions and dandelion seeds

25. Whimsical animal balloons

26. Unique stars

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27. Initials

Matching Tattoos for Queer Couples

Don't think we forgot about the queer couples out there! While everything on this list can be for straight couples or queer couples, these two videos have specifically sapphic and gay couple tattoos that show your pride just as much as your love.

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28. Galaxy-dripped hands

29. Feminine figures with string lights on them

30. Two swans with flowers adorning them

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31. Brain of butterflies, brain on fire

32. Matching lighters, one with a flower and one with a heart ribcage

33. Vase with flowers, vase of Molotov cocktail

Meaningful, Matching Words

There's only one example here, and that's because every couple has their own special, meaningful words. Whether it's a specific song lyric, a phrase you say to each other constantly or maybe something you wrote in your wedding vows, you can choose whatever speaks to your relationship.

Whatever it is, take it and create matching tattoos of it so that you have that significant reminder and phrase with you, always.

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34. "Until the end"

The Cutest Couple Tattoo Designs

These tattoos are truly just squishy, cute animals that pair well together, just like you and your other half.

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35. Fluffy llamas/stuffed animals with different hats

36. A fluffy cow and a regular spotted cow

37. Tourist chipmunks

38. Cartoon dinosaurs

39. Two teddy bears holding hands

Unique Couples Tattoo

Again, this one just has a single couples tattoo idea, but that's because it's a bit too unique. Use your imagination to come up with something similar that you and your boo both vibe with. Some forever ink with a cool look or design is perfect for eccentric or artsy couples.

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40. Warped couple word tattoo

Matching Sun and Moon Tattoos

You can never go wrong with matching sun and moon tattoos, either. They're opposites but they are meant to be together (a very good relationship metaphor). And you don't have to do straight or simple suns and moons. Here are some fun ideas.

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41. Crescent moon and sun with swords

42. Simple sun and moon

43. Floral sun and moon

44. Mountain range sun and moon

45. Combined sun and moon with stars

46. Sun and moon with ivy leaves

47. Botanical sun and moon

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