Understanding the Meaning of Double Rainbows—There’s More to Them Than What Meets the Eye

Spotting a rainbow isn't something that happens every day. Once a storm passes, you may get lucky enough to witness part of one in the sky. No doubt, spotting a rainbow is a special treat! But spotting a double rainbow? That's an even more remarkable spectacle to witness because of how rare they are. It may cause you to wonder about the meaning of double rainbows, as well as why and how they happen.

Try to recall how many double rainbows you've seen in your life. Does a number come to mind? Since they are few and far between, the experience is much more noteworthy—a true once-in-a-blue-moon type of circumstance.

Many people are under the impression that seeing a double rainbow doesn't happen by pure coincidence. There are deeper interpretations to double rainbows that we'll explore, as well as the true double rainbow meaning—from both spiritual and scientific perspectives.

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What Does a Double Rainbow Mean?

Witnessing a double rainbow is a rare experience. Because it's so uncommon to spot a double rainbow, it's believed that they are a symbol of hope, good luck and prosperity coming your way. A storm has passed. In return for weathering it, you receive the gift of the double rainbow!

Double the rainbow, double the luck? Spotting a double rainbow means that abundance and luck are on the horizon. At least, that's what is believed in many cultures—along with many other spiritual double rainbow meanings and interpretations (more about that below).

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Scientific Explanation of Double Rainbows

To understand how double rainbows come to be, it's important to first understand how rainbows appear. When light from the sun strikes water droplets—like raindrops—rainbows form through refraction. Refraction occurs when light travels from air into water. When the refracted light enters the water droplet, the light reflects inside the droplet and out into the air, causing a rainbow.

So, how do double rainbows form? Similarly, the light gets reflected twice inside the water droplet, causing a reflection of the reflection. Call it rainbow-ception.

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Spiritual Double Rainbow Meanings

Wealth, Fortune and Prosperity

There's a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, right? It makes you wonder what could be lying at the end of a double rainbow. There may not be a literal pot of gold and leprechaun, but spotting a double rainbow is believed to symbolize wealth, fortune and prosperity.


Life is a rollercoaster full of highs and lows. There are low points throughout everybody's respective lives that may feel tough to get out of. All we need in those darker times is a sign or symbol of hope, to encourage us to keep moving forward. Double rainbows offer exactly that!

Think of it as a metaphor. A storm is passing, and you are on your way to a hopeful and beautiful future. There are silver linings in every experience, even the tough ones. Double rainbows signify hope to continue pushing through the storm.

Good Luck

Double rainbows can also be thought of as a sign of good luck, or a positive omen. They can bring a secure feeling while reminding you that you are on the right path, and to keep going! It may also symbolize a higher power looking out for you and keeping you protected along your life journey.

New Beginnings

Are you ready for a great transformation? If you spot a double rainbow, it could mean that it's time to turn the page toward a new chapter. Whether it's a career change, a new relationship or achieving a personal goal, a double rainbow means that it's about time to embark on a new journey.

Spiritual Awakening

Double rainbows hold a high rank as a spiritual symbol. With so many different interpretations across cultures, one thing remains consistent: seeing double rainbows is typically regarded as a positive experience. Buddhist culture has even suggested that a person who has become fully enlightened will turn into a rainbow.

Many cultures believe that double rainbows signal a spiritual awakening. The two rainbows may signify the interaction between the physical and spiritual realms, opening the door for awakening. They symbolize growth and trust within yourself.

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