Revol Greens Will Now Be Available at Dollar General—Here's What You Need to Know

The greenhouse-cultivated greens company is partnering with Dollar General to bring more produce to more people.

<p>Storefront: Getty Images. Revol: Courtesy of Brand. </p>

Storefront: Getty Images. Revol: Courtesy of Brand.

As summer approaches, we’re looking forward to peak salad season when grocery store produce is at its finest and a cool, crisp meal absolutely hits the spot. But for some folks, shopping for fresh produce is harder than it should be.

Food deserts are areas where access to fresh produce can be difficult. The U.S. Department of Agriculture classifies food deserts based on census data, focusing on areas that are low-income and low-access (LILA)—meaning a neighborhood meets the Department of Treasury’s New Markets Tax Credit program definition based on the poverty rate or median family income, and the people who live in the area must travel a certain distance to get to a supermarket or grocery store.

Stores like Dollar General may be the closest option for those in low-income, low-access areas, but the offerings of fresh produce have previously been limited. That’s why Revol Greens is teaming up with Dollar General to make their stores a little more accessible for fresh vegetables.

Dollar General will now stock Revol products at 5,000 of its 19,000 stores—you can check to see if your local store is one of them—which will bring fresh, healthy produce much closer to folks who need it.

Here’s what Revol and Dollar General are offering:

The two-pack of mini romaine heads is a perfect item to snag for a last minute side salad—just chop it up, add any leftover fruit or vegetables from the fridge and drizzle with a favorite dressing. And while you’re at Dollar General, consider grabbing shelf-stable items like jarred olives, pickled veggies, canned tuna or nuts, which can help add a big punch of flavor to a simple salad. You could also use the romaine on sandwiches or even in a pasta dish.

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As for the salad kits, they’re a great ready-to-go option for a quick, healthy dinner for two. The Caesar kit includes a blend of lettuces with individual packets of shredded Parmesan cheese, crispy croutons and a packet of creamy dressing. The Southwest kit includes lettuce and individual packets of shredded Monterey jack cheese, tortilla strips, dried corn and a spicy dressing. You could easily add some protein to either salad by adding a serving of canned black beans or some chicken or tofu from the freezer. Even something like our Roasted Buffalo Chickpeas would be tons of fun in a Caesar salad kit.

Whether folks end up bundling these salad kits up in a wrap for lunch or enjoying them with a bowl of soup for dinner, having more fresh produce readily available is key for a healthy diet. And with options as basic as plain romaine and as complete as a spicy salad kit, home cooks living with food insecurity can hopefully bring some more variety into their weekly dinner plans.

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