Premium Cashmere Label Leret Leret Offers Joyful Spring Styles for Kids and Adults

Leret Leret, the premium, sustainable cashmere label, has always been about family.

Recently, sibling cofounders Andrea and Edouard Leret officially added their sister Alesia Leret to their team as co-creative director. Their spring collection, titled Edition V, directly nods to the familial idea with an expansion of joyful, kitschy knitwear into kids.

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“This edition has a special place in our hearts. Andrea became a mother and we can tell there is a sense of storytelling of how she was feeling. It’s also special to us because our younger sister Alesia joined Leret Leret full time. Alesia has always been involved, and now she showcased her talent in the design realm. She also brought a new perspective with her creative direction in different mediums including styling and set design for current projects. The design process is pretty much the same; we first choose our colors and designs still come from a very personal place. We also introduced vests into our world. Our designs will always depend on where we are in our lives; emotionally, creatively and spiritually,” the cofounders told WWD.

A look from Leret Leret's Spring Collection
A look from Leret Leret’s spring collection.

The Mongolian-made, New York-designed spring collection includes a mix of playful, limited-edition crewneck jumpers, sleeveless vests and cardigans with designs spanning from martinis, disco balls, bows and croissants to flora and fauna, with matching kids’ styles boasting sweet gummy bear, tiger, rainbow and strawberry motifs. The spring edition is one filled with fun in the brand’s signature relaxed silhouettes, designed to be “unique, universal, ageless, genderless and genreless.”

Citing Andrea Leret’s first born, Federico Andres, as the “center of attention in our family,” they explained that the expansion was natural, as they’ve been making knitwear samples for him since he was born. In addition, there was popular demand from friends and family; going forward, the brand plans to include a select number of kids’ styles within each new collection release.

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