Photographer’s Footage of Mama Osprey Protecting Her Babies in Florida Storm Is Majestic

Florida has been hit hard this hurricane season, and everybody is struggling to stay safe. This includes animals, as you'll see in this video that wildlife photographer and videographer @Harry Collins shared at the end of August.

During a heavy Florida storm, Harry caught a mama osprey trying to protect her babies from the weather. Mom has her wings open, and you can see the babies peeking out from under her. Mom is definitely soaked, but it looks like the babies are staying pretty dry!

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I love how @Harry says in his caption that mom was trying to keep the young ones under cover during the Florida storm, and, "Wish I had someone to do the same for me when I was filming this". Poor guy must've been soaked! Lucky for us he was willing to take one for the team and capture this majestic moment for us.

Ospreys are large birds of prey (not quite as big as an eagle) and can have a six-foot wingspan. My daughter plays lacrosse, and we were in Tennessee recently at a huge sports field when I noticed high up on the light post a huge nest. New nests can be 28 inches wide and 6 inches deep, and it had to be at least that big! One of the parents shared a story about last summer during the game, the osprey had caught a fish and was bringing it back to the nest for the babies but ended up dropping it in the middle of the field! They had to stop the game to retrieve the fish, and the mama osprey wasn't too happy about them taking her fish!

Hopefully mama and her babies survived the Florida storm. Maybe Harry will record them again when the weather is better!

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