Bald Eagle's Checkup at the Vet Is Absolutely Fascinating to Watch

Aurora is even more stunning up close!

Trips to the veterinarian become routine once someone becomes a pet parent, but even the USF&W-certified wildlife trainer @christinescritters gets used to visiting local veterinarians. This time, it's her rescued bald eagle, Aurora, who's in for a checkup. She even has a few choice words for her doctor friend!

Both Christine and the vet are experienced with handling eagles, but for someone like us, watching this is utterly fascinating. Aurora is such a beautiful, majestic creature!

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Wow, we're simply mesmerized by Aurora's eyes! Luckily, the veterinarian is much less distracted than we are, so she's prepared when the bird protests her ear exam.

"'I TOLD you not to come for my ears,'" joked commenter @sunflowervictoria68. "'You would think you learned from last year but NOOOOO. Hrumph!'” LOL! This gal does seem rather grumpy, but that's what a vet's visit will do. We're just glad everyone was prepared for an unhappy bird.

@Memphis.slim said, "I would think she could do some quick damage to a hand or especially a finger! Such beauty. " We think you're totally right! @Christinescritters replied, "when handling any of our raptors, we are ALWAYS highly respectful of the power they have in their talons and their beaks." That's definitely a smart move, and it explains the gloves!

Still, there will always be someone like @marieet415 who can find the cuteness in any animal. They wrote, "My toxic trait is wanting to cuddle her regardless of the consequences." Haha! Christine replied, "Cuddling Aurora is NOT something we would encourage, recommend or allow," but we see the cuddle appeal! Her feathers do look very soft...

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