How one woman reacted after she accidentally shaved her eyebrows

No brows? No problem, according to this Redditor who bounced back from her beauty mishap. (Photo: Courtesy of
No brows? No problem, according to this redditor who bounced back from her beauty mishap. (Photo: Courtesy of “Lucky Lola”)

Eyebrows are important. Besides being the beauty obsession du jour, they’re also a key element of our facial expressions, which is why it could have been devastating to one woman who accidentally shaved hers off. But instead of crying and hiding her head in a bag, she decided to laugh about it. She shared her hilarious story on Reddit this week, and it could serve as inspiration to any of us who experience beauty mishaps.

“My eyebrows do not like to listen,” the woman who goes by “Lucky Lola” on Reddit tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “They grow in every direction they are not suppose to, and no amount of hair spray will make them listen.”

In a recent move from the U.S. to Sweden, Lola lost the feminine hair trimmer she usually uses, so she decided to use her husband’s beard trimmer. That’s where her wildly popular story in the “Today, I F***ed Up” subreddit begins: “I put the smallest attachment on and run it over one eyebrow … looks perfect. I move onto the next eyebrow and the attachment falls off as I am running it through. No biggie. I put it back on and return to the eyebrow, only to find my poor eyebrow is gone. Just like that. That little second of trimming took it away in one sweep.”

Panicked, she tried to trim her other brow to match, but it didn’t look right, so she gave in and shaved it off too.

“My initial feeling was absolute dread!” she says. But she gave herself a pep talk, made some funny faces in the mirror, and decided she’d survive.

Her Reddit story continues with her first eyebrowless encounter with her husband: “I sit down across from him on the couch. I stare at him, waiting for a response. He looks away from the television and stares back. Then he smiles at me. I laugh and his smile widens. He says, ‘damn babe, I don’t know what you are doing, but you are looking freakin hot!’ At this point, I can’t contain myself and burst out laughing more. I point very directly at the place my eyebrows use to be and ask, ‘Are you sure about that?’ Looking momentarily puzzled, his expression quickly changed from clueless to hysterics. We giggled back and forth until the tears came. We kissed and spent the rest of the night drawing different expressions on me and snapping pictures. I love this man! Thank gawd eyebrows grow back.”

Lola’s story has hit a nerve with fellow redditors, earning almost 9,000 upvotes in two days. Readers responded to her positive attitude by sharing their own brow disasters and tips. What they don’t know is that this breezy outlook wasn’t always a given for her.

“I’ve just got done battling a very long bout of postpartum depression,” she explains. Ever since she moved to a new country 10 months ago, leaving behind friends and family, she has been raising a newborn and renovating an old farmhouse, which has often left her without basic household necessities. Now, however, she feels like she has come through on the other side.

“I feel amazing and love myself again!” she says. “I’m alive, and I’m grateful that those moments are far in the rearview mirror. I feel untouchable, and no lack of eyebrows is going to break my stride.”

Lola’s husband has helped her to cope and laugh during difficult times, but the fact that he didn’t initially notice her missing eyebrows was hardly surprising to her.

“He can remember who my best friend was growing up, but still can’t remember the color of my eyes,” she says. “He would have never noticed if I didn’t tell him my eyebrows were gone. Once he realized what I had done, I became the butt of his jokes for the night. We really needed that laugh.”

Lola has perfected drawing on eyebrows. (Photo: Courtesy of
Lola has perfected drawing on eyebrows. (Photo: Courtesy of “Lucky Lola”)

With practice, Lola has figured out how to draw on new brows, and she’s pleased her story has made others smile too. “Happiness makes the world go ’round, and I wanted to share it with anyone who would give me the time,” she says.

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