These frozen eyelashes aren't makeup — they're just actually frozen

This woman’s frozen eyelashes have started the winter’s latest trend. (Photo: Instagram/anastasiagav)
This woman’s frozen eyelashes have started the winter’s latest trend. (Photo: Instagram/anastasiagav)

Places all over the world are getting hit with some of the harshest winter weather. But nobody’s turning it into a trend quite like some Russian women who have been posting remarkable selfies.

Although Oymyakon, Russia, has long been known as the world’s coldest permanently inhabited village, Instagram is helping the people living there show just how they’re affected by the bitter temps. Following an all-time low temperature of -90 degrees Fahrenheit, recorded in 1933, the village within the Yakutia region has recently been suffering through a brutal -88 degrees — while at the same time kicking of the start of a selfie trend.

Yakutsk-native Anastasia Gruzdeva was the first to capture the selfie-worthy moment when she took a picture of her frozen eyelashes and brows two years ago. But an updated photo posted by the now 24-year-old was the one to go viral, sparking responses from others in the region and global interest in the frozen fad.

A post shared by Anastasia Gruzdeva (@anastasiagav) on Jan 13, 2018 at 5:09pm PST

“Two years ago, laying out a similar photo, I could not think that all these two years it will travel the Internet and visit all kinds of public places,” Gruzdeva captioned her photo. Through humor, she expressed how frozen lashes have become so popular, although they naturally occur in her village’s drastic temperatures. But the best part of her post is the shout-out she gives to her mascara, which she wears perfectly through it all.

“And no, I do not become a panda after that, the glory of my mascara,” she writes. “This could be an advertisement for mascaras.” And she’s not the only one to think so.

A post shared by Вредно не мечтать…✨ (@mrsirinapetrova) on Jan 17, 2018 at 2:03am PST

“It turns out with some ink on the eyelash it freezes faster and more strongly,” another Instagram user from the region writes. “It seemed so ordinary for us, but so unusual for the whole world!”

A number of other women have been posting their own selfies in response to the viral nature of others, showing just how normal it is to literally freeze when you walk outside in Oymyakon.

A post shared by Альфия (@alfi__ya) on Jan 16, 2018 at 9:02pm PST

A post shared by Valeriya Struchkova (@lera_stru) on Jan 17, 2018 at 4:51am PST

A post shared by Eфремова Елизавета (@ef_eliza) on Dec 13, 2017 at 5:27pm PST

It will come as no surprise if these frozen features catch on as just another one of Instagram’s crazy beauty trends. But if you want the real deal, you might just have to plan a trip to the world’s coldest village.

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