One of Our Favorite Portable Projectors Is a Rare $200 Off

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Our Favorite Samsung Projector Is 25% Off Right NoCourtesy of Retailer

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NOTHING IN MY home gets more questions than this little Samsung projector. No one asks about our fancy coffee maker or the mattress that we love. The vintage mid-century dresser we scored for $200, not a single one of our friends actually cares. But this little Samsung projector? People love it. We love it. If you've been thinking you'd love it but never wanted to spend big, it's 25 percent off on Amazon right now.

We're in the middle of Amazon's Big Spring Sale, which is kind of a mini Prime Day. There's some nice sales on TVs, menswear, fitness equipment, and more. That said, the one thing I would really shop if I were you is this projector. I'm aware $600 is still not cheap, but let me explain the value of this thing.

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Freestyle 2nd Gen with Gaming Hub


The Samsung Freestyle's compact size will be a nice silver-screen complement to the entertainment things you already own. We currently have ours set up as a bedroom TV. We put a flat floating shelf on the wall above the head of our bed. It's perfect for movie night. On Saturday mornings when it's nasty out or we're too hungover to leave bed, we half-close the blinds, do breakfast in bed, and go for a full-on streaming marathon.

That is the downside of a projector, of course. You need a dark space to use it in. But it doesn't need to be pitch-black. We live in a blindingly bright apartment, but if we half-pull the curtains, it's usually enough to see the projector. If you wanted to replace a TV, it's doable.

Beyond that, Samsung's interface is miles better than competitors'. It's tied with Roku for my vote as most user-friendly. We also love how portable it is. If you get the carry case, you can toss this thing in a bag and bring it anywhere—to the backyard, camping, on vacation. And since Samsung has added its Gaming Hub to the 2nd Gen Freestyle, you can stream games straight to it via Xbox Game Pass.

If you're looking to get a projector, this is the one I'm always going to advocate for. It's perfect for families that do movie nights. It's perfect for apartment dwellers who want something more flexible. It's a great buy at its $800 retail price, but at 25 percent off it's an immediate add-to-cart situation.

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