Welcome to NowWith, interactive shopping videos starring your favorite celebrities

The future of shopping is here! Yahoo Lifestyle is excited to launch NowWith Network, our new shoppable video series that transports you into the homes of your favorite celebrities as they showcase the products they love, sharing the intimate stories behind each.

Even better, you can buy each product directly via each interactive video. No more furious searching or obsessive pressing of the pause button to shop for, say, the eye cream a star suggests in the middle of a video interview. In our NowWith series, you simply scroll over a product that interests you, and shop from there. Genius, right?

Style NowWith starring Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie, actress, entrepreneur, and super-relatable mom, gives us an exclusive first look at Honey Minx, her new lifestyle line featuring scarves, jewelry and silk pajamas and in our first Style NowWith video. ‘It’s an exciting, fresh way to shop,” says Nicole.

In Episode One, Richie expertly demonstrates how a scarf can save your life — during the holiday season as a gift idea, and beyond. “Scarves add layers to any outfit, which is a must for me. They are special, personal and perfect for gifting, as it makes a person feel like you were thinking of them,” says Richie. See the full experience, here >

In Episode Two, Richie channels her alter ego, Nikki Fre$h to rap about the Honey Minx gifts she loves to wrap up for her loved ones. “I think that these products are very special,” Richie says. I think that everyone will find at least one product in the collection that will make you say to yourself, ‘Oh, I know somebody specifically who would really love that,” she adds. See the full experience, here >

In Episode 3, Richie shows us the secret to her glowing skin. “I don’t share this one with anybody,” she says of the peel-off product from her line Honey Minx, that stars in our shoppable video. Along the way, Richie tricks an aspiring-model friend with a few homemade skincare recipes of her own. See the full experience, here >

You snooze, you lose, right? Not according to Nicole Richie, who’s the queen of blending coziness with elegance. And, as you’ll see in Episode 4, on certain days she has only one style goal: to see “if I can find a way to wear my pajamas all day,” says the style superstar and mom of two. Shop Richie’s fabulous pajamas and the accessories she uses to create her look. See the full experience, here >

Deals NowWith starring Janel Parrish

Our first Deals NowWith video, below, stars Janel Parrish of “Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists,” who takes us through the gifts she’ll be giving (and wishing for) from eBay during her first holiday season as a wife to husband Chris Long.

“I like to decorate by myself and then surprise Chris when he comes home,” says Parrish. “I love having all the holiday things and then putting them up. He thinks it’s really cute,” says Parrish. “With ‘Deals NowWith‘ on Yahoo Lifestyle and together with eBay, fans can see all my favorite traditions and shop for gifts in a unique and personal way!” See the full experience, here >

Our second episode features Parrish and her best friend gathering in her home to wrap up gifts that promote health and happiness. Watch on as Parrish talks smart watches and DNA kits, and wears a very festive onesie. See the full experience, here >

’Tis the season to hit holiday parties. And, in episode 3 of Deals NowWith, Parrish is all for it, since she’s a pro at transitioning a daytime look into twilight chic. Parrish and her stylist show us the top trends of the season that can take any look from the office to a soiree in an instant. See the full experience, here >

And this is only the beginning. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements on celebrities who will take us into their fashion, beauty, home, design, food and wellness worlds, sharing their personal tips, tricks and inspiration.

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