Nicole Richie feels 'absolutely no shame' about wearing PJs all day. Here's why

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You snooze, you lose, right? Not according to Nicole Richie, who’s the queen of blending coziness with elegance. And, on certain days, she has only one style goal: to see “if I can find a way to wear my pajamas all day,” says the style superstar and mom of two.

That’s a cinch to do, given that Richie just launched her lifestyle brand, Honey Minx, which is all about easy, accessible luxury and pampering. As you can see in our shoppable video above (click on a featured item to buy it), Richie takes her PJs from day to night and back again with a gorgeous kimono-style robe, a little jewelry and a headband.

“The weekends are all about relaxing at home and unwinding. There’s absolutely no shame in rocking your pajamas late into a Sunday afternoon, especially if you accessorize them right,” she declares.

As she showcases in her video, Richie slumbers in a gorgeous satin two-piece set that you’ll never want to take off. Wear it to sleep, wear it out to dinner, wear it everywhere. Shop it: Jordan Sleep Set in Blue Diamond, $68,

Her love of upscale but casual clothing inspired many of Richie’s creations for Honey Minx. She’s particular about colors, prints and fabrics. And the sleepwear lover has brought her impeccable sense of chic to the bedroom with irresistible outfits.

“I designed them specifically for women, who just really want to feel relaxed but also look stylish at the same time.” she says.

So how do you dress up your PJs? For Richie, it’s all about the details. “I love layering. With my pajamas as a base, I can add a robe, jewelry and top the look off with a headband. There’s definitely ways to make it a real outfit,” she says.

When she wakes up, she throws a sweet satin kimono robe over her ensemble to give it added flair. “Fashion can be comfortable.” Shop it: Butterfly Kimono Robe, $68,

She adds a little glam with dramatic, layered bracelets, earrings and necklaces. “I wear a ton of jewelry,” says Richie. Shop it: Radiant Sun Coin Pendant in Ruby and Sapphire, $72,

Another must-have: these boho-chic gold-plated danglers. Shop it: Honey Shield Earrings, $68,

One key to a night-to-day transition: this signature piece from Honey Minx. “I wouldn’t be afraid to rock a pajama top out, with some jeans and adding a headband to complete the look,” Richie says. Shop it: Ophelia Headband, $25,

Spoken like a true pajamaficionado.

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Shop along as Nicole Richie raps about the gifts she loves to wrap (in the video, below), and see more of the celebrity’s favorite products from her new line, Honey Minx, on our Style NowWith landing page.

About Honey Minx

Inspired by her love of California, Nicole Richie’s new lifestyle collection, Honey Minx, integrates Nicole’s passion for living her true self and expressing creativity through fashion and beauty. This collection highlights her love of eclectic pieces and soothing textures and celebrates the energy that we are given by the sun.

Nicole’s iconic style is translated into a full range of beauty and fashion designs, including bohemian-styled jewelry, gem-infused essential oils, dream-inducing sleepwear, luxurious skincare and, of course, accessories.

Never known to shy away from something a little wild, Nicole has artfully blended her unique expression of beauty, healthy living and L.A.’s laid-back artistic fashion with the ultimate in cozy luxury and style.

Honey Minx is available on