Nicole Richie's glowing skin secret: She doesn't ‘share this one with anybody’

Nicole Richie is the definition of a golden girl. The California-based style maven just launched her lifestyle brand, Honey Minx, which is all about easy, accessible luxury and pampering. As you can see in the video above, Richie particularly loves her brand’s 24K Manuka Honey Facial Mask.

“This is a very special mask and I don’t share this one with anybody,” she says in the video. “Isn’t this beautiful?”

It truly is — and lucky for us, she’s disclosing the secret to her flawless complexion. Richie uses this gilded, iridescent mask a few times a week to leave her skin plumped and glowing.

 Shop it: 24K Manuka Honey Facial Mask, $48,

“The gold face mask feels and smells so good,” says Richie. “This is for somebody who’s into skin care; maybe they wear a lot of makeup or they want to do something healing for their skin. If they’re traveling, that’s a really good mask to travel with.”

No kidding. The mask is infused with 24-karat gold to help firm and illuminate skin. Plus, it’s loaded with the moisturizing power of hyaluronic acid and soothing manuka honey. You put it on, you peel it off, and your skin is dewy and radiant.

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Shop it : 24K Manuka Honey Facial Mask, $48,

Richie realizes the importance of self-care and beauty rituals, which she weaves into her bedtime routine.

“I take a shower every night, right before I go to bed,” she says. “I have an entire skin care routine that consists of a face wash, a toner, a mask, lotion and face oil.”

Shop it: 24K Manuka Honey Facial Mask, $48,

But she’s not done yet. “I step out of the shower, put on cute pajamas and then put on a robe over it. That’s my routine,” says Richie.

It’s this routine that inspired many of her creations for Honey Minx. “The pajamas, sleep maskrobe and the satin pillowcase — I think they’re for everybody,” Richie says. “I can’t think of somebody who doesn’t want to unwind and feel good and look gorg at the end of the night. I don’t know who that person is.”

The Honey Minx 24K Manuka Honey Facial Mask, $48, is available on

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About Honey Minx

Inspired by her love of California, Nicole Richie’s new lifestyle collection, Honey Minx, integrates Nicole’s passion for living her true self and expressing creativity through fashion and beauty. This collection highlights her love of eclectic pieces, soothing textures and celebrates the energy that we are given by the sun.

Nicole’s iconic style is translated into a full range of beauty and fashion designs, including bohemian-styled jewelry, gem-infused essential oils, dream-inducing sleepwear, luxurious skincare and, of course, accessories.

Never known to shy away from something a little wild, Nicole has artfully blended her unique expression of beauty, healthy living and L.A.’s laid-back artistic fashion with the ultimate in cozy luxury and style.

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