Mom Makes Plea to End 'Rottweiler Stigma' After Pups Won't Play with Her Dog at Park

It's so infuriating. There are some breeds of dogs that get totally mistreated because they have a bad rap. One dog owner is tired of this, and shared the most heartbreaking story of her Rottie at the dog park to show why we need to rethink our views of "scary" dogs.

Dyce's mama will tell you — that Rottweiler looks like he's full of nothing but love. But the impression others have of him really has her upset.

It should've been an exciting day. Dyce and his owner went to the dog park where he could have been the bell of the ball. But unfortunately that didn't exactly happen.

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There was one dog in particular that Dyce was excited to play with, but when the Rottweiler approached him, the other dog's owner said something so upsetting.

"No, that black Rottweiler looks scary," the dog mama recalled. They then pulled their pup away from the Rottie, leaving Dyce completely alone and having to watch the dogs at the park play together — without him.

"He was so confused," his owner explained. "Stop this stigma."

Sadly, this type of attitude is all too common. "I get this all the time with my Bully and my German Shepherd. It always breaks my heart," shared one woman. "I met a Rottweiler at the school pick up and the only thing dangerous was how he leaned against me to get more scritches," someone else joked. "A Rottweiler is mean if the owner trains it to be that way. Most of the Rotties are like Beagles. They just want to play. And they’re damn good dogs. Shame on them for treating that puppy so poorly," a third commenter agreed.

Rottweiler Personalities

It's sad really. Many people seem to have the perception that Rottweilers are mean or aggressive. But that's not really in their nature. In fact, Rotties are known for being gentle with their families and are protectors.

They are, however, a touch on the aloof side. That sort of contributes to the connotation that they are not softies, but don't be mistaken that doesn't mean they're unkind animals. With the right training, Rotties are calm and self-assured. And those who know them best would say they can be silly, playful, and very loving. A Rottie is more likely to plop down in your lap for a cuddle then say get into it with another dog.

The best way to end the stigma is by educating yourself and getting to know Rotties and their owners. All it takes is knowing a little more about the breed to change some hearts and minds.

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