Rottweiler Giving Kisses to New Cow Friends Is Everything

It may be hard to believe, considering the dedicated dog mom I am now, but as a child--I had a phobia of dogs. We didn't have pets when I was little, and I had zero idea how to interact with canines even when they were more than excited to meet me. I found large dogs especially frightening!

Any large dog has the potential to be a gentle giant, though the way their owners raise them makes the most difference. I'm so glad I got to know how amazing these animals are as I grew up, because some of the 'scariest' breeds are the kindest dogs.

@Kikotherottweiler and his owners know exactly what I'm talking about. Some might find Rottweiler dogs to be scary, but Kiko knows what a good boy he is. He even met some new cow friends, and the introduction couldn't be sweeter!

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My heart is melting! I had no clue what to expect when I saw the huge stone wall separating the cow's pasture from the yard, but this Rottie's loving parents made it work.

Commenter @wickedwomanist loved, "the fact that you picked him up like a toddler," and honestly--same! Our dogs are our babies, after all, and most of us have found ways to carry them like the bundles of joy they are. Plus--it's a great workout!

If it meant showing my 70-pound Husky mix some new friends for the first time, I'd do my best to pick him up too. The only downside to picking up a pup is that I wouldn't get to see any adorable interactions. Luckily for Kiko's dad, Mom is right there to get the whole thing on tape.

It looks like the cows loved meeting their new friend (or should I say 'moo' friend?) just as much as Kiko loved meeting them. They let the sweet dog lick their faces, and it was the cutest thing ever! BRB--watching this on repeat!

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