Mermaid lashes will make you look more awake without makeup

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Just when I thought all things related to mermaid had peaked in the beauty world, the trend has been re-imagined in a way that proves it’s more than just an Instagram fad.

Lash expert Clementina Richardson, the founder of celebrity favorite Envious Lashes, is the woman behind the mermaid lashes trend. Inspired by rainbow-colored hairstyles on the runways, Richardson uses those same vibrant hues to “add a bit of funk and flair” to eyes.

After accessing a client’s natural eye color and determining whether to go for a flirty cat eye or dramatic flutter, she expertly creates a custom look with green, purple, blue, lilac, teal, gold, or red lash extensions.

Medical-grade adhesive, tweezers, a bright light, and steady hand are among the tools Richardson uses to ensure she meticulously attaches the extension to an individual strand. “It takes more thought and more creativity because when you’re placing them throughout the lash line you’ll have to really think what color you’re adding, where you’re adding, and whether you’ll need more or less,” she says.

Having strong, natural lashes is key to pulling off over-the-top styles, according to Richardson. She applied approximately 200 individual mermaid lashes to each of my upper lids, mixing red and gold for a natural-looking highlight and black to create volume. The fibers feel practically weightless and what’s even better is that I don’t need to wear mascara — that’s one less step in my makeup routine.

While those bold shades may seem a bit in your face, the final result is surprisingly subtle. If you’re standing a few feet away from me, you can’t really tell that I’m wearing rainbow-colored lashes. But up close and personal and underneath shimmering lights, the red and gold lash extensions really do glimmer.

Mermaid lashes at Envious Lashes will cost you between $100-$400, depending on style and artist. The treatment lasts three to four weeks, making it a worthy investment, especially during the holidays when you want to amp up your party look.

Watch the video above to see how mermaid lashes instantly lift my tired dark-brown eyes and brighten my complexion. Then let me know in the comments section if you’re ready to try this trend and make a big splash with your beauty look.

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