McDonald’s Spices Up Menus With Limited Return of Fan-Favorite Item


Fans of a popular McDonald's menu item, Spicy Chicken McNuggets, have been waiting for its return—and luckily, that day is finally here!

Food influencer Snackolator on Instagram shared the big news, writing on March 24, "McDonald's is bringing Spicy McNuggets back for a limited time and I was drawn to them like Batman to the Bat-Signal!"

The Spicy Chicken McNuggets are reportedly coming to U.S. locations this week, although it is unclear how long they will be back, so get them while you can.

Snackolator have a strong endorsement for the McNuggets variation, telling fans, "The level of spice is not that big - it's got a small kick - but that little change to me makes them so much better than the OG McNuggets."

Many others seemed to agree, with one person writing in the comments, "Just make it permanent already," as someone else reacted, "woohooo."

"These were soooo good let's gooo," and "BEST NEWS🔥🔥," were just a few of the other comments from enthusiastic fans hyped to eat the limited-time McNuggets.

Recently, McDonald's also introduced the limited-time Savory Chili "WcDonald's" Sauce, which would be great to try with the Spicy Chicken McNuggets. It seems like the anime-inspired promotion was set to end on March 24, but depending on your local McDonald's, you might still be able to try the fun sauce before it leaves.

While many fans of McDonald's are excited about the new additions or returns to the menu, there was also a bit of controversy recently regarding the fast food chain's pricing.

After one person shared a hack to get a $12 "dinner box" deal at McDonald's, only for other customers to try and get very different pricing, the chain responded to the backlash by stating that it allows each franchise location to set its prices and promotions, leading to the differing costs.

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