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Kate Middleton’s zodiac sign makes her perfect for all those strict royal rules

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Much like her famous mother-in-law, the late Princess Diana, the public cannot seem to get enough of Kate Middleton – but don’t expect her to succumb to the pressures of the spotlight anytime soon. The duchess was born to be a royal, and astrology can tell us why.

Kate Middleton’s sun sign in Capricorn

Kate is a Capricorn, and as such, she is perfectly suited for taking on a royal role. Capricorns strongly identify with their job or position in society, so they take it extremely seriously. Their public reputation means everything to them, and they always strive for a squeaky-clean image with a respected social position.

“Don’t rock the boat” is a Capricorn mantra, and it’s one that Kate appears to abide by.

Kate Middleton’s moon sign in Cancer

On the flip side, Kate’s moon sign is in Cancer. The moon sign represents the emotional sign of a person, and because Cancer is a sensitive and nurturing water sign, Kate can look to her family for emotional fulfillment.

Prince William’s zodiac sign is Cancer, so Kate’s harmonious Cancer likely gives her a great understanding of the exact kind of emotional support her husband needs, and he can rely on her for support. When a Cancer moon gets the love they need, they give it back tenfold. She’s heavily involved in charitable work as a royal, and there appears to be care and concern for others behind everything she does, which may be an indication of her Cancer moon.

Kate Middleton’s Venus sign in Aquarius

Kate’s Venus sign falls in the humanitarian air sign Aquarius. The Venus sign represents someone’s romantic style, what they value and what others find attractive about the person.

Aquarius is the sign of philanthropy and friendship. This certainly contributes to why Kate is so charming and adored by the public – she’s seen as sweet and kind. Having an Aquarius Venus, Kate values equality and the rights of others, believing that nobody is better than anyone else, royals included. So you won’t find any snobbery or pretentiousness here, according to astrology.

To others, Kate will always have a charming, approachable and friendly aura, and she can thank her Aquarius Venus for that.

With a sun sign that is perfectly suited to take on a strict royal role, a moon sign that makes her a caring and nurturing mother and a Venus sign that makes her friendly and compassionate, we have the recipe for the perfect royal.

Looking at her astrological chart, Kate Middleton may really be as perfect as she seems – it’s in the stars!

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