Taylor Swift’s astrological chart could explain how she turns drama into bops

Jacquie Cosgrove and Chris Love

Taylor Swift barely had her driver’s license by the time she sang her way into our hearts in 2006, and she’s been the name on everyone’s lips ever since. Swift is best known for her bold red lip, high profile relationships and her ability to turn a bad breakup into pop music gold.

But what does astrology say about the singer? Let’s take a look at Swift’s astrological chart to find out about all of the celestial placements that make this star shine.

Sun in Sagittarius — Personality

Taylor Swift at the 2019 MTV VMAs
Taylor Swift at the 2019 MTV VMAs

Swift is a Sagittarius which accounts for her fun, adventurous spirit and bold colorful aesthetic. For a Sagittarius, optimism is the name of the game, and they tend to have a knack for making the best out of a bad situation.

Swift has been through a ton of heartache and drama — all in the public eye — but it’s not long before it sparks her creativity and she’s inspired to turn her sadness into new music. Turning their pain into joy is a Sagittarius’ best trait, and Swift’s worst days are what chart-topping hits are made of.

Moon in Cancer — Emotions

Taylor Swift with mother Andrea Swift
Taylor Swift with mother Andrea Swift

The moon sign represents the emotional aspects of a person, and Swift’s moon is in the most emotional sign of them all: Cancer. Swift’s Cancer moon is no doubt where she gets her sensitive and warm generous nature.

Cancers are deeply caring and emotional, and their family ties are the most important thing in the world to them. Swift is definitely close with her family, even deciding not to do a world tour for her new album “Lover,” so she can be there for her mom who is battling an illness.

Swift treats her fans like family as well. She’s one of the few celebrities who connects with them in person and sends personal messages, nurturing their emotions in hard times. Very Cancer moon.

Venus in Aquarius — Love

Taylor Swift with boyfriend Joe Alwyn
Taylor Swift with boyfriend Joe Alwyn

The Venus placement represents how we connect to others and defines our relationship styles. Swift’s Venus is in Aquarius which says a lot about the way she approaches relationships.

Venus in Aquarius is a placement that has a friendship-based approach to love. She most likely focuses on having a deep genuine connection and friendship with her lover first, and it wouldn’t be enough to be smitten with someone based just on looks.

It makes sense that she would find herself having to sift through partners until finding that true deep connection she needs to feel whole in a relationship.

Desire to seek justice

Taylor Swift makes a statement during her performance at the 2019 AMAs
Taylor Swift makes a statement during her performance at the 2019 AMAs

Swift’s Venus in Aquarius placement also suggests that she is deeply rooted in a strict set of beliefs of “right and wrong” and “do’s and don’ts.” Swift would go through great lengths to correct an injustice and isn’t the type to just let something go.

This makes sense when observing the way that Swift stands up for issues she cares about. Like her ongoing battle with Scooter Braun over the ownership of her music, and the time she took a stand for victims of sexual violence and sued David Mueller, a DJ who groped her. (Swift requested a symbolic $1 in damages).

Venus drives her to use her platform to fight for fairness and justice, and for Swift, it’s always about the principle.

Bottom line: Taylor Swift is a fire sign with some really lovely water and air placements, making her a complicated, but sweet and exuberant pop diva. Whatever it is going on in her chart - it’s the perfect combination for making bops.

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