What do Kate Middleton, Dolly Parton and Elvis Presley have in common? They’re all textbook Capricorns

Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton, Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley, Ben Franklin. Rarely are these iconic names grouped together (if ever), but what do they all have in common? They’re all Capricorns of course!

But what exactly does it mean to be a Capricorn, or to know one? Looking at the endless list of Capricorn legends, it’s not hard to see what makes this zodiac sign rise above the rest.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Capricon Icons: Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton, Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley, and Ben Franklin
Capricon Icons: Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton, Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley, and Ben Franklin

Capricorns are extremely hardworking individuals that will stop at nothing to become an expert in their field. Their identity is strongly tied to their role in life, and the contributions they make keep things running smoothly so that we can all enjoy a civilized society.

Unlike their predecessor, Sagittarius, Capricorn hates chaos and disorder. They prefer to play things by the book and make a meticulous well thought out plan in order to achieve their goals. This approach to life typically makes Capricorn quite successful, especially at conquering their chosen career path.

Public Image

Whether it’s to become the leader of a movement like Martin Luther King Jr. and Greta Thunberg or even to take a run at the presidency like Pete Buttigieg, Capricorns tend to have pretty ambitious goals.

Capricorns are always acutely aware of the fact that one misstep can cause years of hard work to come crashing down. However, this makes them perfectly cut out to take on roles that are under a lot of scrutiny.

Just look at Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Her Capricorn traits are definitely the reason she never appears to buckle under the pressure of being a member of one of the most scrutinized families in existence. Capricorn is also a sign that is skilled at acting in accordance with many rules, guidelines, and expectations — and even a game of Simon Says has less complicated rules than the royal family.

Even at a young age, Capricorns are seriously protective of their reputation, making sure not to tarnish their records for any reason. If something does cause their public image to come crashing down, a Capricorn would be truly crushed. Just look at Capricorn pro-golfer Tiger Woods. It’s no doubt that his 2009 scandal was a crushing blow to his ego.

Romantic Style

Capricorns tend to pick partners based on who they see as a fit long-term, and wouldn’t want to waste their time on a fling. Orlando Bloom, Kit Harrington, and John Legend are three Capricorns that prove they have no fear of settling down. So if you’ve got your eye on a Capricorn, you better be the real deal.

If you’re dating a Capricorn, you should know that they see relationships as an investment and something else for them to work hard at.

Just look at Capricorn Liam Hemsworth who committed hard to Miley Cyrus for nearly a decade, even marrying her before their unexpected split in August 2019. When Capricorns are in love, they’re truly in it for the long-haul, and they honestly might just be happier alone than with someone who isn’t truly on-board.


Because of the importance they place on their public image, Capricorns loathe being embarrassed or made to look like a fool, even if it’s meant to be a harmless joke. They initially can come off as uptight to others, but it’s only because they don’t have time for nonsense. So if you want to stay on Capricorns like Bradley Cooper and Lebron James’ good side, don’t try to pull any pranks on them.

Due to their practical, determined, strait-laced and pragmatic approach to life, Capricorn may be guilty of judging those who take a more carefree approach to life. Perhaps by being more open-minded and learning to express themselves freely, they would much sooner gain the public adoration they crave.

So if you have a career-focused goal that you’ve been keeping on the back burner, Capricorn season just might be the perfect time to tackle it. Take a page out of Capricorn’s book this winter and become an absolute boss.

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