Jennifer Lopez's sexiest look yet involved hair down to there

Jennifer Lopez performed at the Billboard Latin Music Awards with floor-length hair and things got pretty tangled. (Photo: Getty Images)
Jennifer Lopez performed at the Billboard Latin Music Awards with floor-length hair, and things got pretty tangled. (Photo: Getty Images)

If you didn’t believe it already, here’s more proof that Jennifer Lopez is superhuman: The singer and actress walked the red carpet at Thursday night’s Billboard Latin Music Awards in a 50-inch weave, and performed in an even longer one. Meanwhile, we get our fingers caught in the knots of our shoulder-length strands at least three times a day.

Keep in mind: On her TV-show Shades of Blue, Lopez has a short, permed bob, but aside from that, straight has definitely been her go-to style for decades. We’ve gotten used to seeing her with waist-length hair, but it’s never been this long. J.Lo recently debuted a collarbone-length cut. So, this was shocking.

We first noticed her longer than normal hair when she strutted down the red carpet in a sparkly silver long-sleeved minidress featuring a high neck and waist cutouts. Lopez wore her hair down, and it almost reached her knees. While she had her boyfriend, A-Rod, at her side, she was also followed by her hairstylist Chris Appleton, and with that long of a mane, we totally understand why it can’t be left unattended.

Of course, this is not a new trend. Celebs like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and Nicki Minaj have been trying on crazy-long hair over the past few years.

50” okkkrrrrr

A post shared by Chris Appleton (@chrisappleton1) on Apr 26, 2018 at 8:31pm PDT

Appleton later took to social media to confirm that her red carpet weave was as long as it looked, clocking in at 50 inches. But if you think that’s nuts, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Lopez performed at the award show. Premiering her song “El Anillo,” the World of Dance host already impressed with her getup: a bejeweled and fringed sheer bodysuit with a matching headdress and earrings that couldn’t have been light or easy to dance with. Yet, she did. What else did she dance with? A floor-length ponytail. And we’re not exaggerating. Her hair was grazing the floor throughout the performance. It was so long, she kicked it up a handful of times.

But Lopez kept dancing. And we’re not talking about some arm movements and a hair whip (although that would have been really impressive). While she started out the performance sitting, by the end she was popping, locking, and walking through a hula-hoop. She even made it down a set of stairs, which many artists can’t do with waist-length hair.

We’re guessing the superlong mane is the reason why she did the performance barefoot. You know what they say, you can’t wear heels with floor-length hair. OK, we just made that up, but it’s definitely a good rule to follow, considering we were on the edge of our seats worried she would trip over her unending pony at any moment. But aside from stepping on it a few times (who cares?), she seemed to make it out alive.

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