Jennifer Aniston's zodiac sign may hold the secret to her love life

Jennifer Aniston is ringing in her 51st birthday on February 11 and fresh from her win for her role in The Morning Show at the 2020 SAG Awards, America’s sweetheart seems to only be getting better with age. But what does astrology say about this talented Aquarius?

The trendsetter: Jennifer Aniston

Aquarius folks are eccentric, unique and often known as trend-setters. They usually forge new paths when it comes to expressing themselves, rather than following the latest fads. The actress broke records on Instagram when she joined unexpectedly in October 2019. Being the last one to follow the crowd and hop on the band-wagon is so very Aquarius of her.

Aniston became a one-of-a-kind style icon on TV, playing Rachel on Friends for 10 seasons, and she practically became the what-to-wear guide for 90’s fashion.

Not to mention, Aniston may be the only actress to play a TV character with a haircut so iconic that it was given its own name. A timeless trend indeed — The “Rachel” is still requested by salon-goers 20 years after it first appeared on screen.

The independent lover: Jennifer Aniston

When it comes to love, Aniston has made her fair share of headlines over the years, but she has always maintained a relatively unaffected outward appearance, keeping public statements about her romantic life few and far between.

Call it good PR advice, but there’s a chance the Aquarius in her is to thank for her somewhat detached nature in the midst of drama. Aquarians are not particularly emotional people and have a unique ability to always put their best foot forward.

Looking at her recent friendly interaction with ex-husband Brad Pitt at the SAG Awards, this Aquarius certainly seems to have mastered the art of putting old heartbreak behind her.

Aniston is among the many Aquarius folks who seem to identify strongly with their independence. This air sign tends to dislike being labeled or defined by their relationship status.

Although fans are desperately interested in her romantic life, searching for a romantic partner is rarely on the top of an Aquarius’ to-do list, and from the looks of it, Jennifer Aniston’s independence appears steady and unrelenting.

The unique talent: Jennifer Aniston

Aquarians tend to be creative individuals who have many surprising tricks up their sleeves. Just look at Aquarius stars like Justin Timberlake, Ellen DeGeneres and Michael Jordan, who like Aniston, have unique talents that set them apart from even the most impressive crowd.

Along with being an actress who can tackle many genres, it’s been reported by pals close to her that Aniston has no shortage of other hobbies, and she has a reputation in her friend group as a mysterious talent.

Longtime friend and partner in Aniston’s film production company Kristin Hahn told Vogue back in 2008, “In our group of girlfriends, we always joke that she can cut hair better than anyone; she can mix a drink better than any bartender.”

The humanitarian: Jennifer Aniston

Aquarians are famous for their humanitarian nature. Just look at other charitable Aquarius stars like Oprah Winfrey and Ashton Kutcher, who have put a strong focus on using their platforms to help causes close to their hearts.

Although Aniston’s philanthropy is not widely publicized, she consistently contributes to dozens of charitable causes every year, and can be seen frequently appearing in commercials for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Aquarians are known for devoting their lives to helping the world at large and don’t do so for the recognition. In true Aquarius nature, Aniston keeps her charitable efforts on the down-low. It’s not about her, it’s about the cause.

Happy Aniston season everyone! Go pop in your favorite Jennifer Aniston movie – there’s no shortage of amazing choices.

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