Jell-O Fans Say 'Madness' Is Responsible for 2 New Pudding Flavors


Jell-O lovers, get ready—the brand's two new pudding flavors are about to really shake things up.

The brand recently teamed up for an unexpected collaboration with Girl Scouts, creating two new pudding flavors inspired by the famous Girl Scout cookies, and so far, fans don't know how to feel about the combo.

The first new flavor is the Jell-O Girl Scouts Thin Mints pudding, described as a dark chocolate pudding that comes with Thin Mint cookie pieces for customers to mix into the cup.

The brand has another new flavor based on the Girl Scouts Samoa cookies: the new Coconut Caramel Jell-O pudding, made up of a caramel-flavored pudding with pieces of the fan-favorite caramel coconut cookies.

For now, the new Girl Scout Cookies-inspired flavors have been spotted at Kroger and Walmart in the refrigerated section, according to food news expert Instagram account, @markie_devo.

But while almost everyone loves to get their Girl Scout Cookie fix in, some Jell-O fans aren't so sure about the new pudding variations.

"Nahhh, I’ma need to call big Bertha Scout and tell her to stop this madness.😅," the @markie_devo account wrote on Instagram, while sharing a photo of the packaging for the new products.

But plenty of fans in the comments disagreed, including one excited fan who wrote on Instagram, "The Thin Mints one is calling my name!"

"No fricken way!" someone else rejoiced. "These are my top two favvvvvve Girl Scout cookie flavors💖."

"What a time to be alive 😍" another user quipped.

It's not exactly clear where else the new pudding cups are available, or how long they'll be on the supermarket shelves, so curious fans should get them while they can!

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