Jell-O Debuts First-Of-Its-Kind Treat and First New Flavor in 5 Years

Shopper holding box of Jell-O.

Jell-O took a five-year hiatus from releasing new flavors, and it proved worthwhile for fans, as they'll now have not one but two new options to choose from.

Even better, of the two new Jell-O cup flavors that will be available nationwide starting in April, one is a first-of-its-kind!

Now introducing the first-ever "fruit-forward" refrigerated pudding cup, Jell-O Mango Sabroso. Said to be inspired by the vibrant flavors of Hispanic treats made using the stone fruit, this is the first time the brand has created a pudding cup that spotlights nature's sweetest snack option in its 130-year history.

Along with the tropical fruity flavor comes something made for cinnamon lovers: Jell-O Churro Delicioso, which the brand said “the booming popularity of churros” inspired them to bring the decedent dessert to the convenient ready-to-eat pudding cup.

Jell-O's new Delicious Churro and Tasty Mango pudding cups. <p>Jell-O</p>
Jell-O's new Delicious Churro and Tasty Mango pudding cups.


Both of the new flavors are part of the snack company's zero-sugar line and are sold in convenient four-packs wherever you get your Jell-O.

This spring (and summer) appears to be the season of fruit-inspired products, as several other brands have announced the addition of fresh new flavors that we only wish we had sooner.

Days ago, two soda companies popped off with seasonal flavors. Pepsi announced a special collaboration with celebrity chef Bobby Flay, which sees the popular soda beverage in an ultimate crossover fit for "grilling season," Pepsi Lime and Pepsi Peach. Meanwhile, Dr Pepper's "epic" new creamy coconut flavor nearly broke the internet.

Fruity Cheerios is also back in action, bringing with it another limited-edition fruit-flavored variety, Peach Mango.

But that's just the sweet stuff—even savory snack brands like Doritos and Lay's have tapped into spicy mango and salsa fresca-inspired flavors.

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